"When Good Sounds Turn Eeevil!"

(From the same site that contains the wonderful
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
Thanks to whoever posted that link)

A list of
“Sounds to hear before you die. Because afterwards it’ll be too late. Obviously.”

His list:-[ul]
The auto-wind on expensive cameras.
Something going up the hoover.
A still glowing dog-end thrown into a toilet bowl.
The ‘woooof’ when a gas fire finally lights.
Stiletto heels clickity-clicking across a hard surface.
So, my attempts:- [ul]
1 That plaintiff, whistling whine that dogs make
2 The moment a V8’s lumpy purr opens up into a full-on thrash
Sadly, as always, the Devil has the best tunes:- [ul]
3 The metal snick of a Zippo lighter opening
4 The single “crack!” of a lone ice cube dropped in a whisky glass
5 The crackling “bush fire” of a breath drawn through a joint
It occurred to me that, due to the quantum nature of the universe, every “Good” sound has an opposite twin (like the Evil Kirk in Star trek, or the Candy-assed Cartman in Southpark) entangled with it.

Thus the “Sounds of Purest Eeevil”:- [ul]
1e The YAP-YAP-YAP-YAP of a small dog (no good can come from any canine that will comfortably fit through a length of sewer pipe)
2e Any two-stroke engine - a sound like a wasp on heat (or a bee fart - B. Phart!, geddit? oh well, please yerself)
For the Devil’s music (Evil squared?):- [ul]
3e The “dawn chorus” of stagnant coughs as a smoker’s lungs try to kick-start themselves in the morning
4e The wretched retching of some poor soul who’s hit the sauce too hard
5e The splat of a “lung oyster” spat against a hard surface

Any other Jekyll/Hyde sounds?

the good ‘boom’ sound of outgoing artillery.

the evil ‘crump’ sound of incoming artillery.