When Hal Briston tries to sell an electronic thesaurus

There’s something ewe might notice about the pictures here. I almost missed it myself, but when I noticed the second customer image looked strange, I clicked on it and got quite a surprise.

I just have to wonder who associates electronic thesauri with sheep in lingerie. Do ovine tastes in love poetry run to the florid? Are they constantly seen browsing through fertile groves of poetry, or grazing on verbiage run riot?

Let me be the first to say “LOL!”!

I totally saved that to my hard drive. Can’t wait for an opportunity to send it someone!

See, you’ll want to describe the second picture to your friends, but you really can’t without the aid of a Thesaurus. Oh, Wait!

Ya know, that whole “Hal does sheep” thing hasn’t been funny in a very long time.
Just sayin…

Says ewe.

I can’t find any customer images on that page. What completely obvious link have I overlooked this time?

Amazon got wise and has ruined our fun.

Found it.

I’ll send it to Gene Wilder.



I’m just glad that runner pat was able to clue me in on to what the hell this was all about.

And FTR, this is a good example of the first type of thread.

Hal, perhaps you should purchase a custom title such as “I do not like sheep.”