When He's Sixty-Four

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Sir Paul.

Hope you get that bottle of wine, but I’m afraid the answer to the question in that song is a resounding “No.”

A nice thought, but are you not two days early?

I don’t usually post on the weekends.
Besides, if I waited until Sunday, I would probably forget.

If you are in or around Austin, there is this event in honor of the occasion.

Admire this clever riff on the natal anniversary in question posted at b3ta yesterday. I kept remembering it all night and giggling like a loon.

Do you have a better link? Only a fragment of the document shows up on the link you posted. I’d love to read the whole thing!

I don’t know if you’re taking the piss or not, but that is the whole thing. Tight little joke. :smiley:

Nope - not taking the piss. The part that says “Pre-Nuptial Agreement” is chopped off at the top and reads “Pre-Nuptial Agr”

That’s the way it’s supposed to look?

It’s a very clever joke. I was just hoping there was more of it, referencing Vera, Chuck and Dave, mending a fuse, etc.

Ayuh. I guess it seems more natural if you’re used to reading and posting to b3ta, where the convention is “280 pixels wide, and as long or short as you like” – for reasons that are clear if you look at the front page. :smiley:


At least we know he can afford that cottage in the Isle of Wight. In fact, he could probably buy the whole Isle.

Dangit, that’s what I came in to say! Blast my actually-doing-work-at-work habit!