When I become dictator . . .

You’re changing your name to “Richard Potato”? :wink: :smiley:

All structural work performed in this country will be done with a sense of artistry and aesthetics. Bridges, overpasses, anything that will become part of the landscape will not be a utilitarian structure. There is enough cement and rusted steel blighting the landscape in this country. I will encourage the revival of stone carving, pillar manufacture, gargoyle placement and free form nonsense.

Individual vehicle ownership will be limited within large urban areas by increasing city vehicle taxes to $10,000.00 a year. Public transportation will become the only economically viable means of travel.

The national anthem will be replaced by the song “You Can’t Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover” by Bo Diddly.

Churches will be taxed at the same rate as any normal corporation.

All textbooks taught in schools will be written by a constantly evolving panel of the most accomplished research scientists, doctors, professors, musicians and novelists in the country. There will be strict deadlines on completion. This effort will be funded by the government and the selection to be a member of said panel will be considered a great honor.

Speaking of education, art and music will now require the same level of credit hours as english and phys ed in high school.

All gun laws will be immediatly repealed. Anyone convicted of a gun crime will have their trigger and middle fingers removed from both hands. Rapists and child molesters will be delt with in a similar manner.

Amnesty will be declared on all persons serving sentances related to drug charges.