When I die, I want to be [...]

I know you guys can fill in the blank in lots of fun ways. So please do.
For me, seriously I just want to be brave. Or be in the middle of sex with Eddie Vedder.

Sorry Eddie.


“…blown up!” - George Carlin

Wrong about there being no heavenly afterlife.

Sleeping peacefully like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.


Wrong about the first part of the statement. But failing that, having drinks with my wife, family, and friends.

Thrown into a bog.

…witnessing the death of our universe and the birth of the next one.

My first thought was “a ghost!”

I’d have a lot of fun as a ghost. I’m sure eventually I could choose to stop being a ghost, all that “passing on” stuff. Sounds ideal to me.

So, my recently deceased family members provided instructions that they be cremated and that there be no special funeral events. It seems they shared a desire to “not be a bother to anyone”. I must admit, I seem to have inherited that gene, and live my life so as to generally “not be a bother to anyone”.

However, I also enjoy saying things that make me laugh, and hopefully make other people laugh.

So, in discussing my desires for when I shuffle off this mortal coil, I have told people that I want to be laid out like Lenin, in a glass case in a public place, with a web-cam running, broadcasting to a permanent feed to whatever app is used for those things. In addition, I want 7 uniformed guards that blow brass trumpets when they change every 4 hours. And a snack table, for visitors.

So, like my relatives, nothing special.


…tossed in a ditch.

…placed in stasis and displayed in the front hall with my wife’s other husbands. As long as she dusts us once in a while.

Ideally? I think I’d like to be one of those cadavers that gets cut into thin slices and displayed in a science museum. Though really, I’d be fine with any educational or scientific use of my body.

Cremated. So I have a head start on my way to Hell. :cool:

When I die, I want to be…unaware death was coming. I don’t want to be in a burning building, or on a plane that is going down.

See, I’m not afraid of being dead, I’m afraid of dying. There’s a big difference.

ITA - Too many of my family members have died long, hard deaths. I don’t want to know it is coming and I don’t want it to be painful.

On this side of the Divide:
Surprised - which seems to be what the previous folks have intimated.

On the other side:
Just Plain Dead. None of this Eternal crap - I’m already bored - I’ve lived long enough to see the ‘news just repeats itself’ - I don’t want this to last for friggin’ ever.

Pain-free, at the very least.

That’s awesome :). Me, I think I would want to be asleep.