When I pray the Rosary...

I don’t meditate on any of the Mysteries. I find them distracting from the main
purpose - praying to our Blessed Mother.

Do you think she minds?

Not kidding.

Well, I’m not Catholic, but if I believed, I wouldn’t think she would mind at all. She’s supposed to be much more benevolent, IMHO, than to care if you’re praying “right.”

I think the only question is- Do YOU think she minds?
That should be your answer.

I tend to pray the Rosary during terribly trying times and the thing on my mind is the terribly trying times. It would add another dimension to use the mysteries, certainly, but I’ve never considered it essential. I can’t say whether “she minds” but my assumption would be she doesn’t.

Actually, although I meditate on the Mysteries when I pray the rosary, I always seem to to it from the Blessed Mother’s viewpoint. I can almost feel her watching Christ being scourged and crucified, helpless to do anything (could there be anything worse as a parent?) and accepting God’s will. I try to put myself in her place of confusion and ultimate acceptance when she agrees to God’s plan. Her fear when Christ is lost as a child.

She experienced confusion, joy, love, fear and loss. I can’t comprehend God, but I can try to understand the bravery of one woman, and make it meaningful in my life.


Thanks. I tend to agree with your assumption.

I didn’t even mean the pun on “assumption” either! :cool:

I noticed it immediately, but was sure it wasn’t intentional. :slight_smile:

The Dominicans (who have reason to know) teach that, while some effort at the meditations is better, it is even better than that not become what they call “scrupulous” over this. The rosary is a prayer, and as such one should try to relax in the presence of God. In the event that it becomes distracting to meditate while praying, they recommend contemplating the mystery first, before beginning the vocal prayer, then focusing on the vocal prayer entirely.

I think it is fair to say that is distracting for most people. The Rosary is a traditional form of prayer developed largely by and for people who were illiterate and who had a very diffferent relation to language and prayer than we do. Simultaneously reciting the prayers and meditating on a preselected subject to the exclusion of all else is not an easy thing to do and particularly if one was not raised doing it regularly. I think it is fair to say that most people end up reflecting on…something other than the mysteries.

Which is not to say it is not a worthy endeavor. And I feel quite confident that the Blessed Mother does not mind even a little bit. Mothers all over the world are truly and deeply proud of their children’s efforts, because they know their children and know what an effort this was for that child.

In fact, I bet she’s got your rosary hanging on her refrigerator door right now.

I don’t think so. You’re turning your heart and mind to God and invoking the BVM’s intercession. That’s the important part.

I hope she doesn’t, because I end up all over the place when I pray the Rosary. I’m still less scattered mentally than when I do free-form prayer, but I wouldn’t say I generally manage to concentrate.

I also try to focus on watching the Mysteries through her eyes, remembering that she always points to Christ.