When I want YELLOW mustard, I usually get....

Around here (Texas), mustard is a standard condiment on hamburgers- ketchup and mayo run a distant 2nd/3rd.

I once saw a guy from Iowa put ketchup on a bratwurst, so YMMV.

Yeah, it’s kind of odd for me to think of mustard as not a standard condiment for burgers. I think ketchup is more popular around here, but mustard would be second. (And I always do ketchup and mustard on my burgers, but mustard only on my hot dogs.) While I have, of course, heard of not putting ketchup on your hot dogs being a thing (after all, I live in Chicago), I’ve never heard of not putting mustard on your burgers being a thing.

Why isn’t the a box to vote for for “sick to my stomach” ???

Just kidding; there are a few uses for yellow mustard. (One of them being on a hot dog, another bit of gastronomic masochism.) But generally that’s the stuff I don’t want.

I’ve seen my husband put ketchup on an Italian Sausage.

Mustard girl, Mustard girl
Friendly neighborhood Mustard girl
Is she strong? Listen, bud
She’s got yellow mustard blood

What brand of French mustard do they put on tables there? Really good Moutarde de Dijon is anything but mild, nor brown. You may be able to find Amora Fine et Forte at your local grocer and I think your friend will like it. It is to me the best and I order it online six jars at a time (price plus delivery is not that exorbitant).

I have a Chinese lady friend. She is a lovely lady. Truly a wonderful girl. Her name is Soo Yee.

She came to this country when she was still in grade school and although she still has a very tiny accent, it is hardly noticeable.

The one thing I love about her more than anything else is that no matter how brainy and sophisticated she is, she just loves hot dogs. She can’t get enough. Ordinary cheap hot dogs. I would never have guessed that someone as sophisticated as her would go for something so common and cheap.

We can go out to a very expensive restaurant and what does she order? Yup! Two Hot Dogs! All the time. We’ve gotten some funny looks from some very snooty waiters. But I don’t care. I think it’s funny and the more snooty they behave towards her, the less of a tip they get.

Well, in our part of the country, there is a local company run by the Yarrow Brothers that makes a really tasty mustard and it’s called “Yarrow’s Mustard”.

So, when we go out for dinner and she orders her hot dogs, she invariably asks for it with Yarrow’s Mustard. More often than not, the waiter brings any old mustard but Soo has a very distinguishing pallete and she can spot the difference immediately.

I couldn’t tell the difference to save my life. But when the waiter brings her some other kind of mustard, she sends it back saying that she specifically asked for the Yarrow Brothers mustard.

That’s when the real fun begins. Here is typically what happens:

Soo tells the waiter, “I specifically requested Yarrow Brother’s mustard and this is not it. This is some cheap mustard and it doesn’t taste nearly as good.”

The waiter responds, "Yes. You asked for yellow mustard and that is what I brought you.

Soo - “No. Not yellow mustard. I asked for **Yarrow **Mustard.”

Waiter - “I don’t understand. You asked for yellow mustard and I brought you yellow mustard.”

Soo - “Not yellow mustard. **Yarrow mustard. **Is there something wrong with your hearing”?

Waiter - “When you said Yarrow, I thought you meant yellow. You people always mix up your L’s and R’s.”

Soo - "You people? What the Hell do you mean by calling me “you people”?

Waiter - “You know. Chinese people. Always mixing up L’s and R’s. I can’t tell the difference.”

Soo - “You raclst son of a bitch! What the Hell is wrong with you?”

I suppose it depends on your point of view. But, personally, I find this all very funny. As a matter of fact, it usually turns out to be the most entertaining high point of the evening."

I wouldn’t trade my dinners with Soo for all the mustard in the world.

I truly love her. I don’t care what kind of accent she has.

Plochman’s because it is made -somewhat- locally to me, and it’s good.

I haven’t seen Plochman’s in years so I voted French’s. I’d like to try Plochman’s again.

Yellow mustard has at least one specific application for me - bologna sandwiches on white bread.

I also stock brown, dijon and a couple of other mustards. Each has a different application.

It’s the Wetherspoons pub chain in the UK, with which my friend has this problem. The mustard they serve – English, and French – is just “cheapo generic”, I think – comes in sachets. Their “French” mustard is quite dark brown, and its taste is pretty tame.

My friend would be a lost cause as regards any sort of French mustard, I think. Where sauces and relishes of any kind are concerned, he’s a total chauvinist, and his spiritual home in time is sixty years ago or more. English-only for him – no bloody foreign goo, thank you very much…

Do you know how that compares to Edmond Fallot mustard? I like the Fallot Dijon mustard for salad dressing, but the spicier Burgundy mustard for steak.

Oh, and French’s for the purpose of this poll, though Plochman’s is just as good.

I think Gulden’s was "Wacky Package"ized as “Glutton’s”. Don’t know if any of these others were.

Wait a minute, Charlie.

Your friend orders hot dogs at expensive restaurants, and expects them to not only have hot dogs available, but also a specific brand of mustard with which to condimentize*?

That seems odd.

  • A perfectly cromulent word

Is Charlies date Soo having fun with the wait staff? Google search for Yarrow mustard only returns some kind of mustard bath soak :dubious:

Silver Springs is my brand of choice. With dill in it please.

Second to that is Plochman’s, a reliable brand IMO.

So I’ve heard. In the Northeast, putting mustard on a burger will often get you funny looks from people.

It was just my attempt at humor. I thought some of us could use a laugh what with the crazy winter weather.