When I want YELLOW mustard, I usually get....

Poll to come.

For me, it’s usually French’s or Plochman’s.

Whatever’s at the Dollar Store. I have a 550ml bottle of Régale brand on my desk at this moment.

My vote is “Whatever’s cheapest”. I never use it on food I care about, so anything for quick flavoring is fine.

Heinz is my all time favorite yellow mustard. You can’t get it in grocery stores around here, so I had to resort to stealing the mustard bottles from restaurants. Sometimes I would even talk others into stealing it for me. Christmas 2012, Suburban Plankton made an honest woman of me by ordering a whole case of Heinz mustard from some restaurant supply place. Now I don’t have to steal!

I buy bargain brand yellow mustard. My daughter has a number of gourmet-brand brown and gray mustards.

There’s your problem. You want yellow mustard.

I usually get French’s, but I got confused and marked “Gulden’s” as well, because I buy their brown mustard. I just think of Grey Poupon as the brown mustard.

We sure have a lot of mustard around here.

“Pardon me. Do you have an factory-produced artificially-coloured swill?”

Aldi’s store brand, which Google tells me is Burman’s. Only use it in egg salad, deviled eggs, potato salad and on hot dogs. Oh, and a little bit of it goes in my sloppy joes, too.

Since you opened the door for snark, please fork right off of my lawn cactus. “Factory-produced”, really? Are you Amish? In your modern life you don’t have any factory-produced products? Where was your car made? And…

Nevermind… Sorry to go off on a tear here, but jeez that’s what I hate about this place. “I’m so Above it all”. So just to be clear, there’s nothing in your pantry that has artificial color in it?

And, yes, Bryan, I get the ‘joke’ but really…

Whatever is on sale. I prefer the stoneground and spicy mustards.

Uber-cheap dollar store or Aldi brand.

It makes no difference for this kind of mustard.

Factory produced, sure, but I bet a lot of fancy mustards are produced in factories as well. As for artificially colored, here is Heinz’ ingredients list: Vinegar White Distilled, Water, Mustard Seed, Salt, Mustard Bran, Turmeric, Paprika, Spice(s). Not seeing any artificial anything there.

Read the first reply in the thread, and right backatcha.

Not really a fan of plain Jane yellow mustard (as seems to be the case here), but if it’s what I’m after for some reason, it’d be French’s first, Plochman’s second, whatever’s cheapest next.

The mustard I tend to keep on hand at home is Stadium Mustard, which, to be honest, is like PJYM with some character and no freaky neon-yellow artificial color.

Plochman’s, or Aldi’s if it’s an Aldi day. But, one bottle lasts a long time, maybe a year.

LawMonkey, I’ll have to look out for Stadium mustard–I’m not too far from Cleveland, so they may have it around here.

Store brand (cheapest) from whatever store I’m shopping at when I’m out of mustard.

French’s is default, then Heinz. Gulden’s I associate with brown mustard. Beaver I associate with specialty flavors, often of the taste bud searing type. I haven’t heard of the others. I know of TJ’s and I assume Annie’s is the organic brand, but I don’t know their mustards specifically. I assume Coleman’s means Colman’s (sic), the British brand, but I think I’ve only ever used their dry mustard.

It seems to be readily available in the Ohio C-Cities (Columbus and Cincinnati; I assume it’s in Cleveland as well). Not sure how far afield the distribution ranges past that.

It’s the turmeric that makes it that vivid yellow color.

French’s list for comparison is:

Distilled vinegar, water, #1 grade mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, spice, natural flavors and garlic powder.