When I want YELLOW mustard, I usually get....

i don’t do yellow.

I roll down the window of my Rolls Royce and ask the first car I see at a stop light.

“Excuse me, Would you have any Grey Poupon?”

Plochman’s is what I always have around the house. Of course, that may just be my civic pride showing, but it really is my favorite general yellow mustard of the ones I’ve tried.

Not only that, but (just quickly checking) neither French’s nor Plochman’s nor Heinz mustards contain artificial coloring. That’s turmeric, baby. I think the challenge would be to find a yellow mustard that does use artificial coloring. It’s just not necessary when turmeric does such a good job.

French’s is the only brand I’ve ever bought. No need to mess with perfection.

I like a mix of mayo and mustard on my sandwiches. Burgers I only use mayo.

I’ve had Heinz mustard packs at Delis. Tasted the same as French’s to me.

I tend to buy whatever’s cheapest for yellow mustard.

I use Stadium Mustard almost exclusively.

If it’s yellow, we use Colman’s (no e) English mustard - but only in powder form because we only use it in cooking. It’s really spicy hot - are the more common yellow ones hot?

My favourite mustard is French - a generic sweet brown one which is harder and harder to get hold of, particularly since we got to Singapore. Finally found a Waitrose own-brand version in one of the supermarkets, happy day. Then in our fridge we have whole grain, Dijon and a really mild one with dill for fish.

other - store brand.

I selected Coleman’s, since Plochman and French’s aren’t avaiable here (normally).
When I can get it, French’s or Plochman’s are fine.

I’m in the UK, so the majority of the names featured in the poll are unfamiliar to me. On reading the thread heading, I thought that the theme was going to echo the plight of a friend of mine. He has a big peeve with a particular large chain of pubs in this country, which also serve meals – a fairly limited range, but generally good quality. They do steaks, which are usually OK or better.

They do appear, though, to have problems getting their act together to have available at any one time, all the things food-wise, which they claim to provide. They seem particularly bad at having available, English mustard (sharp taste, yellow in colour); often, they can only offer French mustard (mild taste, brown in colour). With his steak, my friend likes English mustard, and hates the French kind. At times, he gets really angry with the pub chain over this issue.

I go to the local restaurant supply and get a gallon bottle of food service yellow mustard (Crown Collection if you must know) and refill the smaller squeeze bottles from that. At least to me yellow mustard is pretty much all the same.

For Pittsburgh reasons, Heinz.

There’s a dollar store bottle of anonymous yellow in the refrigerator, it’s been there for years, just in case. No one uses it, but someone might come in and want yellow mustard some day, so there it sits.

Weber’s, which is a regional brand. Yellow mustard with horseradish for extra kick.

French’s. It’s ubiquitous.

Okay, I had no idea that people put mustard on their steaks in the UK. I’ll withhold comment.

French’s, but I usually use it as a component in a sauce or a rub, not as a condiment. For that I use something like Philippe’s.

Most of the yellow mustards in the list here are not what I would call “hot.” There is some mustard bite to them, but it’s fairly mild as far as mustards go.

Most yellow mustards have too much turmeric in them for my taste. But “hot” they aren’t, Not like Colman’s.

Ditto to this. My mother’s father used to work at Plochman’s before he lost the use of his legs way back in the day. If the store for some reason is out of it or doesn’t carry it, then French’s.