When is it my turn to have a beer with the President?

'Cause, you know, I’m kind of thirsty, and he looks like the sort of guy you could sit down and have a beer with.

Well, so long as he’s not the one choosing the beer you gotta drink.
Bet he doesn’t have good taste in beers.
Bet he likes Busch.

I don’t think he has had a drink in at least 20 years. How about a Fresca?

Aw, he’s a lousy pres, and probably a thouroughly corrupt human being, but I expect he knows a good beer or two–and I’ll bet he’d buy, bein’ a Texan & all.

But he wouldn’t let it stop at one. No. He’d up with that, “C’mon, I’m the POTUS, bitch!” and display his power by ordering another round…and a shot of 101 Turkey.

Then things would turn a little uncomfortable because he’d loosen up and start talking smack about Bin laden et. al. And belligerently order another round of shots & beers.

And just when you’d think it couldn’t get any worse, he’d whip out the mirror and scratch out a couple lines–encouraging you with that “I’m the POTUS” line and comments like, “Ashcroft ain’t here, man!” and, “You’re not some kind of sissy, are ya?” :dubious:

No way, dude. I wouldn’t be up for it. Unless it turns out he’s a closet “Charter Member” from 1999 with only 400-500 posts because, well, then he’s probably not all *that * bad.

No way. It’s gotta be beer. See, the media keep telling me he’s a guy I could have a beer with, unlike the other guy who’s rich and went to Yale. And looks French.

If this is another one of those government bait-and-switch things . . . :mad:

My analysis of getting drunk with recent presidents(written as if of the time they were president, and if they drank).

W. Bush. Kind of fun, but would try too hard to relive the good ol’ days and get kind of wierd.

Clinton. Top of the list, looks like a bunch of fun.

Bush. Looks like a sip-on-a-martini type, no thanks.

Reagan. Another good one, I bet he has some great stories once he gets loosened up.

Carter. Hardest to judge, probably kind of stuffy and boring. Might get preechy and depressing.

Ford. Kind of fun, bet he is the kind of drunk to start admitting personal things.

Nixon. Hell no, he’s a damn mean drunk I’d expect.

Johnson: see Nixon, maybe moreso.

Kennedy. Great fun, but seems like a braggart self0centered drunk, probably get annoying pretty fast.

Before that I don’t have much of an impression.

Clinton: Nurses a single drink while letting you get plastered, cops a feel off
your daughter, sticks you with the bar tab. The next day, all you remember
is how much fun you had.

Bush: Orders both of you a martini, sips his, steals your olive.

No way. Johnson is at the absolute top of the list. He gets loaded, drives you around his ranch at 80 mph in a Cadillac, insists that you accompany him to the restroom so he can cuss you out, and then, when you least expect it, he whips out his, uh, Lyndon.