When is Robert Anton Wilson going to give us some more fiction?

RAW hasn’t published a novel since Nature’s God (Vol. 3 of the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles). I’ve been monitoring his official website (http://www.rawilson.com/main.shtml) for a long time hoping for some word of a new novel – nothing. What’s happened? Has he retired from writing fiction entirely?

Hell, I never was able to get my hands on Nature’s God (then again, I couldn’t complete my Schroedinger’s Cat set till I saw the One Volume edition- alas, still have not read it,)

I know his wife died a few years back, have no idea if she had anything to do with keeping his fiction-mojo going. It could well be he has no more stories to make up. I know I got on a short story binge a few years back & a poetry binge a bit more recently. I haven’t been able to write anything on the same lines the past two years.

I just searched on amazon.com – Apparently the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles are being re-released. In June, New Falcon Publications published new paperback and hardcover editions of The Earth Will Shake (originally published 1982). Nature’s God (originally published 1991) is listed as “Not yet released.” You might be able to pre-order from New Falcon at http://www.newfalcon.com/.

Wikipedia has a page on RAW (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Anton_Wilson) but it does not explain his 13-year hiatus from fiction writing.

I gave up waiting for him to finish the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, what… 10 years ago???

Too bad… it was off to a good start. I was enjoying them.

I think his status as a cult novel author has gone to his head, though… I met him a few years ago at a live action roleplaying event… it seems like he’s too busy lecture touring, partying, and taking advantage of all the fawning boys and maybe even girls who’ll sleep with him to take time off writing, as far as I can tell…

But that’s just my impression. I could be entirely wrong.

But I’m not very often.

I don’t think he’s into boys . . . and I think he’s a bit old for the girls. Most recent pix of him I’ve seen always show him in a wheelchair – and he’s made an issue of his problems getting medical marijuana, even in California, though I forget for what condition. But dammit, he could still write! Stephen Hawking writes!

The last time I saw Robert Anton Wilson, he could barely stand, even for a minute – and that was quite a few years ago.

He’s 73 years old now, which is a ripe old age for anyone, much less someone who had polio as a child.

He’s given us so much, and it would be nice if there were more – but at this point I don’t expect to see any more fiction. I’m grateful enough for his occasional missives.

Of all I’ve read by him (not everything, but almost everything with Illuminati in the title, and some other stuff), maybe he might be OK with boys, but I’m sure girls take priority. And I kinda bet that he’d still give it the old college try,

He had polio as a kid, and I think it’s kind of caught up to him in his later years.