When is the best time to do a I hate Dr Phil thread?

Deciding to stop playing the victim and take responsibility for yourself and your life is far from being an easy fix. It is “common sense” (I don’t personally like that term - I prefer “good judgement”), and it actually does fix a lot of common problems, but that doesn’t make it the easy way out.

I see things almost exactly the reverse of you, Excalibre. I think people have been brainwashed into a victim, it’s not my fault, blame your parents mentality, not a good judgement, change the way you do things if what you’re doing isn’t working mentality. In a way I think you’re right - most of the people who have perpetual victims complaining to them probably think the things Dr. Phil says at some point with regard to the perpetual victims. I just don’t agree that the perpectual victims think them about themselves.

If people think that reading Dr. Phil’s books or watching Dr. Phil’s show will fix their problems, though, I agree with you that that isn’t anywhere near a complete solution to solve peoples’ problems.

Yeah, I read that, too. His reasoning for video games being the trigger for mentally unstable kids to fly off the handle does make a modicum of sense – but then the same can be said of, say, gangsta rap, or a violent movie, or – hell, the news, so singling out video games, especially when there is absolutely zero evidence that video games had anything at all to do with the incident, is just being a dumbass attention whore.

The Golden Asshat award for that bit of dumbassery though goes to Jack Thompson, who was spouting this shit before they even figured out who the shooter was, so he’s got the “doctor” beat by a day.

'Course, you expect that from Thompson. Phil, not so much.

But video games are so easy to use. I am pretty sure that this guy played violent video games. I base this on the fact that he is male under 30 and living in the US. I suspect that the number of men under 30 who don’t play violent video games is pretty small. When I was in college 15 or so years ago all of my male acquaintances played video games and if anything video games are more popular now.

I heard Charles Whitman spent hours locked in his dorm room playing Doom.

At Columbine it was a combination of Doom and scenes from Basketball Diaries, Tarantino films, and Third Reich games and videos that supposedly drove them over the edge. I know for a fact that Tarantino films resurrected Travolta’s career and made Countin’ Flowers on the Wall a hit again, so it’s certainly possible.

Last night on Anderson Cooper they played an interview taped last year twixt (my future husband) AC and Evan Ramsey , who killed one and injured two students at his Alaska high school. Ramsey said he did it because other students made his life hell by calling him names like retard, spaz, and braindead, and with a straight face and a retarded, spazzy, braindead voice he also blamed Doom. Full transcript here:

Guns don’t kill people. People don’t kill people. DOOM kills people. (Some people would tell you that violent people are drawn to violent entertainment, but nope… violent entertainment turns people into murderers, just like in the 1950s it turned them into showtune singers and characters from bad Biblical epics.)

Speaking of the Bible, Hitler, and Dr. Phil, it occurs the same works in earning converts for all three.

*Until now you have wandered in darkness and done many stupid thoughtless things.

*It’s not all your fault. You’ve been misled by those you trusted.

*I have the answers. They’re simple: part of them you already knew on some level, and the rest I’ll tell you now.

*All your past misdeeds are forgiven you if you’ll repent them here and follow my words.

*You are absolved. Go and sin no more.

*And put a dollah in the box.

Jesus! Are you kidding me? I’m calling Evan a braindead spastic retard right now…


Whatever, kid.

Jesus doesn’t kid. He doesn’t really have that great of a sense of humor.

His Dad, though …

Have you ever really looked at our naked genitalia? Hello? What’s THIS thing called, Love?

Doesn’t Oprah actually OWN Dr.Phil…That would explain a lot.

Indeed. Just as people who can’t afford a marriage counselor (or decay-preventive dentifrice) can get quality advice from Jerry Springer.

She used to, but the Supreme Court ruled* he could buy himself free after she crossed the line into Wisconsin with him. She still owns his wife.

Majority ruling: Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito dissenting.

Look, what’s really objectionable about Doctor Phil is not his simplistic snap diagnoses/therapies but the content of them. He thinks every problem can be solved by conformity to conventional moral standards, and that’s a lie; in many cases even the attempt will do more harm than good.

Fah. Not the same thing at all.

Like what? This is a serious question. I’ve never seen him give any advice more specific than “don’t be an asshole” about how someone should lead their life – no expectations about job (other than that the able-bodied should probably consider having one), sexual preference, politics, etc.

So … that’s not Dr. Phil shilling Match.com?
Is it his evil clone?

He says and writes that it’s not only acceptable to not need a mate, but tells people how to live a happy life without one.

He shills Match.com for people who want to find a mate. Have you heard him say anthing along the lines of ‘your life can’t possibly be fulfilled unless you use Match.com?’ No? Thought not. Then you have no point.

Aww, I made the same point as Vinyl Turnip (“I feel like the whole show is just exploiting the suffering of people who can’t afford care.”), but I didn’t get so much as a “Fah.” I’m so hurt! What would Dr. Phil tell me to do? “You don’t need clam chowder to act real sassy-like.” Hmm… I guess I could be more sassy!

The random Dr. Phil phrase generator is the best thing ever!

He’s the guy everyone loves to hate…for no good reason.

Don’t fret; gotta work your way up the ladder. Me and QG, we go way back.

Had our ups and downs, but thanks to Dr. Phil’s guidance, I think we have a real future ahead of us.

That he jumped onto his stupid video game hobby horse in the immediate aftermath of a horrifying and totally unrelated tragedy is a really, really good reason.

He annoyed me with the whole diet thing. He’s no diet expert, and he’s sure no lightweight himself to be giving out diet advice. That wouldn’t be so bad, but then he puts out a line of diet bars and diet books.

He brings his son in, and his son is now a diet expert for young people.