When is the last time you ate liver and onions?

I’m just curious.

Several decades ago. I doubt even since I was ten. I really don’t like liver.

Within the last month. I usually end up eating it about two or three times a year.

I’ve never had the ‘pleasure’.

I don’t remember: sometime in the seventies.

“I hate liver, liver makes me quiver,
Liver makes me curl right up and die…”

Onions, sure. But why spoil some delicious fried onions with a piece of liver?

When it’s done right, it’s delicious. Does it really trigger gout in genetically susceptible people?

More than ten years ( more than ~35, really ). Basically not since I’ve been old enough to successfully resist it being foisted on me by my parents.


I don’t think I have ever had it although I have had liver plenty of times. I did notice that, on one of those websites that lists the last meal requested for prisoners about to be executed, it was a very popular choice so some people must REALLY like it. Either that or people that love liver and onions also enjoy killing people.

I think it’s actually quite good if prepared properly. Liver is softer than muscle and more flavorful. I like it best without gravy even though most of the restaurants that I’ve been to that serve it usually serve it with brown gravy. I always ask them to hold the gravy when I order it :smiley:

I like calves liver and onions when it’s made right. But the best liver I ever had was fresh venison liver. A friend had just shot a deer, and asked me to cook the liver. So I soaked it in milk, dredged it in seasoned flour and fried it in butter with thinly sliced onions. I expected it to be gamey, but it was very mild and tender. I would eat that again in a heartbeat.

I haven’t eaten liver since I left home at eighteen: it’s my mom’s favorite dish, and she made us eat it often.

My mom is annoyingly superstitious, and believes that she is going to die when she is sixty-four, her current age (her mom died at 63, her grandmother died at 62…), so I have more or less consigned myself to a meal of liver & onions, overcooked canned peas, rice and Coca-Cola, to commemorate her sixty-fifth birthday next June.

Grin! I wouldn’t even put it in quotes. I’ve never had the pleasure. My b.i.l. loves it, so it can’t be too awful!

Not since I was old enough to rebe. :smiley:

My folks both liked the stuff, but only two (of six) of us kids did.

With a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti?

Sure - my wife makes chicken liver with onions on ptitim about once a month. She’d make it more often, but the kid doesn’t like it that much.

Not since I was old enough to throw the plate on the floor. Gross.

Chicken livers sauteed with shallots and vermouth, with scrambled eggs, within the past few months.

Veal kidneys with onions (plus mushrooms and steak) in a steak and kidney pie, within the past few months.

Veal liver fried with onions, not for many years. Don’t like.

I had some last Friday when we went out to dinner. It’s a real favorite of mine ( though I prefer my own version to the restaurant one) and it’s a real treat when I can have some.

It was delicious.

Why does your wife put up with that behavior?