When is the last time you ate creamed beef on toast (Shit on a Shingle)?

As a follow up to the liver and onions query, I’m curious about how long ago people here have eaten creamed [chipped or ground] beef on toast. You know-- SOS, shit on a shingle.

The wife and kids are away this week, so I cooked me up some tonight. That’s what got me thinking of this, and before tonight, it’d been too long since I’d had it last.

Not since the 70s, but that’s exactly what the old man would call it. Said they ate it often in Vietnam.

I eat this literally once a decade.

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Must have been in the 90s. I can’t remember why. Real shit and shingles should be offended by the name.

Funny. I had it the day after I had liver & onions. Or maybe the day before. It was on the same trip.

I had it once, and liked it, but never had the occasion to try it again.

So you’re admitting you have to be on drugs to eat that stuff?


Better than 40 years since I tried to choke some down.

My wife’s elderly friend passed away earlier this year and we sort of inherited the contents of her fridge. Which included a frozen dinner of the stuff. I’ve never had it before, and there wasn’t anything else more interesting in the freezer at the time so I cooked it up for lunch. I took like 4 bites and chucked it. Awful.

The last time was when I was a Boy Scout, about 45 years ago. And yes, we called it shit on a shingle out of earshot of the leaders.

I voted never, but I might have had it as kid, which would have been 35years ago.

I almost ordered some at a diner near Temple University the other day. Fortunately, I changed my mind.

A long time ago in the military. Why anybody who knows how to make sausage gravy would bother with that tasteless shit is a mystery.

I make it once a month. I prefer using ground beef. Sometimes I’ll add green peas or boiled potatoes (cut up into squares) to it. It’s a good way to use up leftovers.

Chipped beef is too salty.

:confused: Because done right it’s not tasteless?

Tasteless would be an improvement.

<heh-heh> “creamed beef” <heh-heh>

Never. I don’t think I have had the pleasure.

Last time I had it was sometime in 1952 or 1953. Courtesy of an Army mess hall.