When is the last time you ate creamed beef on toast (Shit on a Shingle)?

I’ve never eaten creamed beef on toast…but creamed tuna on biscuits is a favorite comfort food of mine. I probably make it up once every three months or so, more often in the fall and winter.

Within the last few months. There’s a local breakfast joint that makes it.

Never had creamed chipped beef (where on earth do you buy chipped beef?). But I fix creamed tuna about once a week (usually Sunday night).

I make it myself.

I don’t even know. I first had creamed beef on toast with my grandpa when I was a kid, but my family’s always made it with ground beef. I’m not sure I’d be as enamored with SOS if it was made with chipped beef. How exactly is it “chipped?”

My experience exactly! Daughter of a Vietnam vet here. My father didn’t cook very often, but I remember him making SOS a few times when I was a kid, and “shit on a shingle” was only whispered between he and my mother, who didn’t think I heard them. He would talk about how they ate it in the mess hall. Best I can recall, SOS eventually gave way to his other gourmet delight, fried Spam & mustard sandwiches.

I had it once, perhaps 30-40 years ago.

In the 60’s when I was pre-puberty, and it was awesome. I should take a shot at it.

So long ago I can’t remember

I haven’t had it since I was a kid. My mother used to make it out of Buddig meat.

Never. I’d never heard of it until I read about it here previously. I don’t think it’s a “thing” in Canada.

I’ve gotten Buddig chipped beef at the local Jewel.

I think my college cafeteria might have made it once or twice, which would put it at over a decade ago. Other than that, though, never.

Although, one of our common meals when I was a kid was creamed eggs on toast. Same thing, but with hard-boiled eggs instead of beef. In retrospect, we probably ate it because it’s dirt cheap and we couldn’t afford much of anything, but I didn’t know that at the time.

My wife and I are fond of finding “family” restaurants for breakfast. Summer of 2014, while driving to Cleveland, we stopped at a small place about an hour before we got there, and I had creamed chip beef on toast. Quite good.

(I looked it up: It must have been North Perry or nearby, as we could see the towers of the Perry Nuclear plant from the parking lot.)

Make that two Canadians who’ve never heard of it.

Thank-you, OP, for introducing me to the wild, nebulous concept of creamed beef.

guess I haven’t lived

I make it now and then, using Armour Dried Beef. But I make sausage gravy and tuna in white gravy more often. Shredded jerky works, and I made some with shredded country ham - the intensely salty kind that nearly impossible to eat by itself.

It’s basically exactly the same as poutine, only without the cheese curds, and with white gravy with chipped beef instead of brown gravy, and toast (or biscuits, in our house) instead of fries. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Never. Not opposed to trying it, but I’ve just never thought to order it over something else when at an establishment that serves it. Someday maybe it’ll strike my fancy.

Stauffer’s makes an good version of it. Eat it a couple times a year.

I teach the recipe to the Scouts in my Troop, and have developed a backpacking version using dried milk. About a third of the boys enjoy it - biggest issue is the heavy salt content - harder to dilute when water is rationed.