When is the last time you ate a hot dog?

As a follow up to “When is the last time you ate liver and onions?,” “When is the last time you at creamed beef on toast (shit on a shingle)?,” and “When is the last time you drank egg nog?” and “When is the last time you ate circus peanuts?

As we enter the dog days of summer, when grills barely have time to cool down between meals and baseball games are pleasant ways to kill an afternoon, I ask you: When is the last time you ate a hot dog? Not an italian sausage or kielbasa. Not a vegan fake-out. A hot dog. A meaty, lips-and-assholes tube steak. A wiener on a bun in yer mouth.

Last Monday I think.

I go back and forth on hotdogs… each summer I either eat hamburgers or hotdogs it seems. But the other day had a delicious sour kraut hotdog.

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grilled or boiled? boiled makes me shudder

For me, my last one was at Costco a few months ago.

Steamed, with either ketchup and green relish or yellow mustard (and sometimes sauerkraut). I don’t boil them any more, and I usually steam the bun, just to warm it up.

I always keep two packs of five all-beef jumbos in the fridge. I’ll never understand why buns are sold in bags of eight, since this matches no form of hot dog packaging that I’m aware of.

I like chili cheese dogs topped with yellow mustard and chopped onion too, but Chicago style hot dogs with just a few drops of Tabasco are the best! :o

My dad invariably bought this brand of hot dogs, even though he wasn’t Jewish:

Hotdogs are a summer food for me too. Hamburgers are good all year round though.

Definitely grilled, boiled is a crime against humanity. These days it’s often microwaved though, less than ideal but at least not boiled.

To me, hot dogs are just unpleasantly overheated bologna, so I’ve only managed to eat three in almost six decades.

And I just realize I messed up the poll. Is there any way a moderator can add an option for “More than 10 years ago”?

Tuesday, with a side of tater tots. There are great hot dog joints all over my neighborhood. I get one at least once a week. I usually go for the canonical “Chicago Style” dog, but will occasionally get a chili-cheese dog.

Sorry, I forgot to answer the question. :smack:

Last week, for three or four nights in a row (I had no time to make anything else).

Thursday night, in fact. Two Nathan’s dogs with mustard, relish and onions.

I’m on a sodium reduced diet and hotdogs aren’t really worth the sacrifice required throughout the rest of the day. As a result it’s been a few years.

HOWEVER…it’s ribfest weekend, they got yummy looking hotdogs, and the lure of the forbidden has overtaken me, I expect to have one before this day is through! Ha!

Last night, chopped up in macaroni and cheese.

What? It was me and a two year-old and I didn’t feel like cooking.

I think my last one was circa 1972.

For varying values of “hot dog” (sausage link in a tortilla), a couple of weeks ago.

For actual hot dogs, sometime in the past few months?

I only eat hotdogs a couple times a year, but one of those times happened to be last Tuesday.

I used to work in a hot dog making plant. I don’t eat hot dogs anymore.

We have the best hot dogs in the world here, in natural casings. (and, oh joy! there is a reduced sodium version now, though they aren’t as good as the regular.) . We sometimes have Weenie Wednesdays, and hot dogs with chili on top. I like the white coonies myself. But we have them at least once a month. I cook a couple extra so The Mister can heat himself up something for his midnight feed, or lunch the next day.

Nathan’s boiled hot dogs, those floating in hot cloudy water at outdoor hot dog carts, surprising to me that boiled snappy hot dogs could be good. But only Nathan’s brand.

I’m not a fan. I’ve tried them, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more than a bite of one. It’s been at least 30 years.