When it comes to cardio health, what's a MET?

I’ve got one of 6.4 which is pretty good— for a 60 year old! Or so I have been told. Only I don’t know what a MET is. I have gleaned from searches that the “M” stands for metabolic. That 's about it.
Does anybody have any idea?

The MET is a measure of oxygen consumption. It’s also a measure of physical fitness. Light activities, such as walking slowly, or doing very light work, take about 3 METs. Moderate exercise requires about 6 or 7 METs, and heavy duty work can take 10 or more.

One useful thing about METs is their predictive value. If you are unable to exercise beyond 5 METs, you are twice as likely to die in the next 6 years (from all causes) as someone who can do 8 METs or more.

BTW, MET stands for “metabolic equivalents”.

who achieved 10 METs on his last stress test! :smiley:

I shoulda been at about 2 METS according to that site. I still don’t understand if a high number is good or bad.

It’s good to be able to do a lot of METs.

That’s one thing a stress test measures, how many METs you can do before you poop out. The more physically fit one is, the more METs they can do. Based on your weight and height and gender and how long you can exercise on the treadmill, your METs can be approximated.