When it feels bruised but it's not, or my aching knee...

To start - I already have an appointment to see my doc.

It all started when my left knee started feeling stiff, and I figured out it was due to my work posture. I’m a mechanical drafter, at the computer all day, and if I don’t have to walk to the printer, I may be sitting for 2-3 hours uninterrupted. Not compulsory - I just lose track of time when I’m deep into a drawing.

I noticed I sat with my left knee bent and my left foot under the chair, while my right legs tended to move about freely. I began to make an effort to either stand or at least stretch out my left leg, and the aches seemed to diminish. I was still getting around OK, but the first few step were stiff.

Suddenly yesterday, it was aching like crazy - as if the inner side of the knee had been bruised. And when I stretch my leg fully straight, the muscles behind the knee feel sore and strained.

But I haven’t done anything! I didn’t trip or slip or twist it. The worst trauma it’s experienced was when my daughter’s dog scratched the knee, and that was mostly because his nails are rough. Everything seems to work fine - it just hurts!!

I expect more than a few Dopers have had knee issues - does this sound like something you’ve dealt with? Surely it’s not prelude to a new knee??

It’s probably arthritis.

Depending on your age, it might be different things. It might be something soft-tissue related that might respond to physical therapy. It might be more serious. I’d suggest waiting for the real diagnosis before jumping to conclusions.

For myself, I also have a doctor’s appointment in a couple of days. My right knee has been wonky for over a year, and so far I’ve been getting by with cortisone shots. They work pretty well for several months, then I have to have another one.

But my left knee has started acting up in a different way. The right knee feels like the rough edges of eroded bones are creating inflammation and pain (I have to ask the doctor whether this is osteo arthritis or something else). The left knee pain seems to center on the surface of the skin. If I lightly run my fingers over the inner side of the knee it feels very sensitive, but I can push on it and there is no pain. When the pain comes it feels like burning rather than grinding. It comes and goes with no apparent cause. When it gets bad at night and I can’t sleep, two Aleve will just about allow me to fall asleep, although it doesn’t get rid of the pain completely.

This has been going on for about a month. and it isn’t getting noticeably better. I have no idea what it might be. Maybe an inflamed nerve of some kind.

Mom, get the RA blood test while you are at the doctor. Eliminate that, if possible.