When life hit's you between the eyes..

You wake up dazed and confused wondering what happened.

Well I just thought I’d pop in and say hello to everyone. It’s been ages since I was here last due to life circumstances changing majorly ie I have recently left my last place of residence and am now -gasp- living on my own at almost 20 and feeling very stifled by Grandma I thought it was about time.

It’s interesting seeing how the adults live since technically I already was one… but now I am taking my place in the adult world… paying rent… bills… cooking for myself… It’s tougher than I thought but I’m making it… I have to. I can’t turn back now.

The torch has passed! the world is my oyster!

Now if life weren’t such a ***** things would be just grand…

Take care all. I’ll be around when I can as I have yet to get an actual internet connection (not like I had one before.)