When Mods mess up - It's Miller's time

As instructed in the ‘When Mod’s mess up thread’ - its stated to make a new ATMB thread when Mod’s don’t follow the rules -

So, what say you about this -

Posted in GD ?

Thread in question, post #16:


I’m torn between throwing Miller to the dogs for breaking the board rules and buying him a beer.

You could do both!

And yeah, that’s an obvious personal insult.

Yep. Bad Miller. Bad!!

But I’ll buy him a beer, too.

You know what makes the Dope different from the real world? In the real world the truth is a defense.

tomndebb, you modded in that thread and didn’t call out Miller? WTF?

Life is too short for cheap beer. High Life, or no.

And I got modded a few posts down for pointing out pretty much the same thing, only going into a little more detail. What gives, guys?

Miller essentially called him ignorant. That’s verboten now?

Per Ed Zotti:


Hence this thread.

Miller was clearly posting as a member, not acting as a moderator. Mods have always made that distinction. Ed’s post also makes the distinction about mods acting as mods:

Saying that a moderator can’t be called out when posting as a member is the direct opposite of not allowing mods special treatment for acting as mods.

That was pretty cleary over the line. I should have been much more restrained. My apologies to the board, and to Derek in particular.

Are you saying no to the proffered beers upthread, then?

“He has absolutely no clue what he is talking about”. Does that sound like civil discourse to you? And the mods are going to say context is everything, so even calling someone simply "ignorant’ can be over the line. In fact, “he is completely ignorant”, which is the more civil way of saying what Miller said is still an insult. No?

Ed also said:


It seems to me he didn’t make a distinction between a mod acting in his official capacity and posting as a regular member. Whether he abuses his mod abilities to give himself special privileges or insults another poster outside of the Pit, Ed still assumes the responsibility to call him out, and not another moderator. So, to me, “It’s not the responsibility of one mod to chastise another.” means exactly what he says. If that’s giving special treatment, it’s for the purpose of holding mods to a higher standard than members, IMO.

You know the penalty for not giving a balanced effort at moderation…The nose in the book!!!

I’m somewhat autistic and am genuinely unclear about the rules. “Liar” is prohibited but there are phrases that seem synonomous to “liar” to me, but which are OK.

People who have no clue cannot prevaricate deliberately, so this is not an accusation of lying. Is it an accusation of stupidity? I have absolutely no fucking clue about Asian prehistory, nor about how to use Facebook from a smartphone, but don’t consider myself “stupid.”

Case dismissed.

I’m assuming this is the post Miller was referring to:

The OP’s title was: Is transexuality a mental illness?

I don’t think the idea was not that Miller was accusing that poster of lying, but that he was insulting the poster. There is a difference between “none of that is correct” and “you have no fucking clue what you are talking about”. The first phrase attacks the post, the second attacks the poster. Not to mention that the phrase was preceded by another insult: “As always, ignore anything DerekMichaels has to say on the subject”

I’m completely ignorant in many areas. I don’t find the identification of that to be insulting. It can be considered uncivil - but in that YMMV.

-You have no idea what you are talking about
-you have no fucking idea what you are talking about
-you have no idea what you are fucking talking about

The first should be okay. The others are borderline - just diferent emphasis IMO.

On behalf of the board, apology accepted.

We can close this now.