Twickster Moderating on doing shit to someone

I am trying to understand the problem that Twickster is speaking about in this thread. Reading the thread that Tuba locked gives no answers to what the Modding was about, and there was nothing other than ~“don’t do this shit”.

What was the actual problem Twickster got upset about? Seems rather clear what contents of thread were about, and I still can’t figure ou what shit was to be avoided. Please give specifics as all I can fathom is that Twickster says “take your word for it”… Huh?

What shit (which arguably should point to a Forum Rule being violated) was pulled specifically to require a Moderator interjection/action? What person was being shat upon? And what aspect was Pittable?

This confuses me, and Tuba did not even say anything other than “Don’t bash Mods” (in so many words) and closed thread, ending any possibility of getting a real answer (imho).

Was Twickster right or wrong in that action (and in not saying what someone was being wronged)? I could not find anything relevant in the locked thread.

Happy Scrappy Hero Pup posted a hyperlink with the word “asswipe.” It was intended as a shorthand reference to the thread being linked to, but Twickster apparently thought HSHP was calling somebody an asswipe.

My reading of the post in MPSIMS was that it was a side-swipe at the OP of the thread in the Pit.

Based on that, I told the person in MPSIMS to take any problems with that OP to the Pit.

The person in MPSIMS told me he was writing a satire, not an attack on the person.

I said that that had not been clear to me – which it wasn’t – but okay.

End of story, as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks you for clarification. If I missed that in the other threads, my apologies (honest).

I have no intention of taking anything further - this does help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Since you’re satisfied, I’m going to close this thread.