When Penguins Attack

Has anyone played When Penguins Attack? (Plays music when the game starts.)

I don’t see anything particularly penguin-y about it. Here’s the gist of it:

It’s a 2D game. You have a certain amount of money with which to build ‘towers’. The towers hold weapons from machine guns to heat rays, with more-powerful weapons being more expensive. Each tower may be upgraded twice for better range and rate-of-fire. Your job is to use your budget to destroy the invading Penguin Army (and Air Force) before it can cross the board. How you do it is up to you, but after completing all of the levels I’ve found that…

creating a labyrinth – hint: upgrade soon –

… works. You have 25 lives per level.

The game is incredibly slow-paced, as the Penguin Army plods along. I know that they will be destroyed before a certain point in my lay-out, but you have to wait for the game to take its course. After the first level I closed my browser. When I came back the next day I had to start over. Maybe there’s a way to save your progress, but I haven’t found it.

As slow as it is, I found it somewhat addictive.

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Yup, played it, was seriously underwhelmed by it.

I didn’t click the link - don’t want to wake the baby - but it sounds like a member of the “Tower Defense” genre, of which there are hundreds of examples. If that one displeases you, there are plenty more out there.

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Yeah, I play TD’s all the time, I can recommend some good ones if you want. Also, watch for new games on towerdefense.net.

There is a beer you need to drink while playing this game. Tactical Nuclear Penguin