When Stoplights Don't Change

This happened to me, too, the day after Christmas. I was stuck in the left lane for three cycles. The cars in the opposite lane got two left turn arrows, but my lane didn’t get any. I backed up, hoping to trigger it. I was well behind the line, and still nothing. There were no cars turning behind me or anything, so I couldn’t hope they would trip it. I was so frustrated. Eventually, I waited until the traffic was thin going the opposite direction and I just went for it. I was ticked.

Had that experience at a light coming out of an office park after-hours.

I agree w the posts to backup and andvance to attempt to trigger the light.

That failing, my vote goes for turning red and making a u-turn as needed. I much prefer a few seconds of extra driving than risk the consequences of some really bright blue, red, and white lights (read: police officer) in my rear view mirror. 3 out of 4 police officers that I have encountered are decent people. Of course, it helps that my driving record is perfectly clean (unless you go back really far)…but there are a percentage of officers that are revenue-driven. Not worth the hassle.

If it is a route you take often, that would certainly justify notifying the proper authorities (dept. of red lights or something).

I ran a light on Ft. Hood right in front of an M.P., after having been stopped for several minutes. He stopped briefly after I went through, and then went through himself. I’m guessing they knew that there were sensor problems, or something, because they were usually pretty danged vigilant.