When the board is down for maintenance...

A small point, but quite often when I first get to my desk and check sdmb, it’s down for a few minutes. No problem there. The thing is that the board has obviously clocked the fact that I’ve accessed it, and updated its ‘last access time’ accordingly, which means that the view-new-posts will only show me ones since I abortively tried sdmb.

Now, I appreciate that (a) I can go search the individual forums (and I do) and that (b) in the cosmic scheme of things this is about as trivial as a booger, but if there was an easy fix to this I, for one, would be happy. If not, no problem.

Thanks for your time.

[sub]Actually if the maintenance times are regular and someone could let me know when they are, I’ll just avoid it during those times…[/sub]

Good news! The maintenance times ARE scheduled. Over here, they happen at 10:30 AM (CET). That translates to 4:30 AM New York, and 3:30 AM Chicago. Usually, they last between 5 and 10 minutes.

Thanks! That’s 9:30 here (UK). I kinda guessed that the maintenance didn’t last long (because I’m usually logging on to sdmb between 9:15 and 9:45 and more often than not I don’t hit the service window.

Much appreciated…/X

Blast, it’s right in his profile: UK.

That’ll teach me to fire up the Visor to see what time it is in Chicago. :slight_smile: