When the boss is away...

Let’s say you work an odd shift or maybe you work in a part of the building few supervisors come to.

What odd behaviors have you seen employees do when their is no boss around? I worked with guys who, because it was hot, would take their shirts off.

Along with that, what cues or signals do employees give out when they see the boss coming?

For example, my Dad ran the local division of a big comapny in a small town and only rarely did district managers come around. When they did they had a code over the radio. My Dad knew then to put on his tie and be ready.

Finally to you bosses, what little signals have you noticed when you come around?

What things have you caught your employees doing?

I work at a shipping center. Our behavior is pretty odd bosses or no bosses. :slight_smile:

One place we are never lax is safety. With forklifts, belts, and plenty of other things that can hurt you we may accept silly or even lazy. But show any signs of careless and a boss may be your best friend. He could have you fired; we’ll torture you until you quit.

I worked 3rd shift for decades. The boss would come in at 05:30. You could set your watch by him. We pretty much did what we pleased.

Like Kopek, no horseplay or anything even smelling of unsafe behavior. That would get you a warning from the crew leader, often me, If it happened again, you would get three days off without pay. The next time, off you go. Stealing was an immediate job loss. Outside of that, you could do what you wanted.

It was always a source of pride to us that we could build more product than 1st or 2nd shift could. Often we got more out than both of them combined.