When 'The Force Awakens' plays in China

Is it subtitled or do they just dub over it like the old Godzilla movies?

Take a look at this page for a Chinese theater Golden Avenue. If you could read Chinese, you would see that the language is only English with Chinese subtitles. A few years ago it was more common to see two languages listed, the Chinese ( 国语) dubbed versions and original English(英语) with subtitles. I presume very few people were going to the dubbed versions and now the foreign movies shown are almost exclusively subtitled.

I’m hoping to see The Force Awakens sometime this week so I can finally return to the Internet and the spoilers hiding behind every thread.

Isn’t subtitling preferred over dubbing in China because of the dialects issue?

I saw Revenge of the Sith in Beijing and it was subtitled with the audio in English.

I’m in China, and just watched The Force Awakens. It was in English with Chinese subtitles.

When it plays in China, it will set a record for a weekend opening. :wink:

That reminds me…

I still haven’t seen SW:TFA yet, I assume there is the obligatory “NOOOOOO!!!” scene to be mis-dubbed into “Do Not Want!!!”

Do we know how much it earned opening weekend there?


$53 million.