When the Hell...

did I hit four grand?

I gotta get a life. I’m catching up to Manny!

About 7 posts ago.

Glad I could help,


Good for you. :smiley:

Uh… well, congrats!

::hands the Chief a coupon for one free TiggerLick[sup]TM[/sup]::

Redeemable in chat, AIM, or ICQ :wink:

Could be worse. You could be catching up to handy. And if your luck is like mine, you’ll be going down again tonight.
[sub]I’ll never make 3000, because I’m going in the wrong direction![/sub]

smooches Chiefy

Now, you know you get a present for yer 4000th, right?

kneels and winks :wink:

Ask and you shall recieve. (e-mail being the only option, sice you’re plying your skills on the high seas and I’m nowhere near any seas, high or low.)

Thanks, ladies.

Damn, Arden! You have got to be my all time, No. 1, favorite, flirty, new-to-the-boards poster! We mesh like Frick and Frack!

And boy am I in the mood to “mesh” right now!!!

Though Ardent Ranger would seem to be a more apt username, sweetie.

:: must resist urge to post any type of smilie… ::

Aww… ChiefScott, you say the sweetest things. I’m all a-flutter!