When The Right Words Are Necessary

Issued 13/3/1918 when the Germans were threatening to break out in The Great War (Bethune was a Lieutenant in the Australian Army).

This position will be held, and the Section will remain here until relieved.
The enemy cannot be allowed to interfere with this programme.
If the Section cannot remain here alive, it will remain here dead, but in any case it will remain here.
Should any man through shell-shock or other cause attempt to surrender he will remain here dead.

Finally, the position as stated, will be held.
The position was held for 18 days, and they were relieved.

Wow! Where was the position?

It was at Buff Bank near Zillebake (not far from Passhendaele). I understand the order was used as a propoganda or rallying call during the second world war. IRL Bethune was a minister of religion.