When toys are outlawed, only outlaws will have toys. (ATF steps on own dick)

Yes, that’s exactly what they were to do there. The objects in question are not illegal, they are not controlled items, and unless someone can cite otherwise they are non-lethal (I can’t imagine a BB with a 400 FPS muzzle velocity could possibly kill somebody, but you never know).

If the criteria for confiscating these is their ability to be converted into working firearms (which is quite frankly impossible), then why are they not banning the sale of Airsoft guns nationwide?

The toys were seized in October. It’s now March. So we’re closing in on 6 months they’ve been sitting on this spouting the same line about how they can be converted into machine guns with minimal work. Actually they’re not saying anything right now, but rather just standing on their last statement.

Do you really believe that they haven’t been advised more than once by reputable experts that the presumed conversions are completely implausable?

But to answer your question. What they were meant to do.

These look like real guns and have metal components. We need to make sure these can’t be converted into illegal weapons. (insert reasonable time for research). Nope. Carry on. Have a nice day.

Time elapsed, maybe a month.

There is currently no way for them to get out of this and save face. The best they can do is quietly release the shipment, say nothing and take their lumps. Then it will be forgotten in two weeks when the next shiny news story comes out.

Yep - these are sold at toy stores and sporting goods stores nationwide. An intelligent and educated ATF agent would take one out, look at the barrel dimensions, examine the firing mechanism, and then note that they are not real guns. An intelligent ATF agent would note that the magazine holds hundreds of bbs, and does not have spring loading mechanism for actual cartridges. This same intelligent agent would note that the barrel can not shoot anything larger than a small plastic bb, and that it is not rifled. Hopefully the agent would see that the firing mechanism relies on either a battery pack in the stock or a gas charge.

The ONLY issue is that the tips had not been painted bright orange yet - not sure how that works (maybe you have to paint them before they can clear customs - or they just have to be painted before they can be resold).

If I were to smuggle in machineguns, I would not try to repurpose Airsoft guns. I would take a machine gun upper and lower receiver, attach it to an Airsoft barrel with the orange tip and an Airsoft stock with a battery pack. I would add in an Airsoft magazine. Once that clears customs, I would just need to buy a barrel, new stock and a magazine for it - those are cheap and not controlled (the receiver is the “gun” as far as ATF is concerned).

Procedure to convert Airsoft toy into an illegal weapon with minimal work.

[li]Purchase Airsoft gun[/li][li]Find simpleton with real weapon[/li][li]Trade[/li][li]Paint end of barrel orange[/li][li]Write Airsoft on side with magic marker[/li][/ol]

Other than that, it just isn’t happening.

This may not be the dumbest thing I’ve read all month, but it comes close. :smiley:

Somewhat related: http://hi-caliber.blogspot.com/2009/03/water-soaker-converted-to-shotgun.html

For non-link-clickers: it’s a Super Soaker altered to house a Shotgun.

Did anyone notice the price of that Mini gun? $3,499 on sale?!? That’s some toy. I think I want one.

Okay, who pays $3,499 for a toy gun then? You’ve got to like your war games to pay that amount, eh?

Guess my joke was a little too subtle.

While that one is way out there, my son put in around $400 for his rig, and has his eyes on a sniper rifle upgrade for a few hundred more. You can get an M249 replica (Squad Automatic Weapon) for around $1,000 (on sale now for $600!).

It is a hobby that, like most, has some products on the extremes just to get your attention.

I got it! Of course, that is why the kids that play with my son all wear protective facemasks when playing.

The atoms in my ham sandwich could be rearranged into raw plutonium. My ham sandwich endangers us all.

Thorium pellet guns. The newest weapons of mass destruction.

Somehow I think that’s one AOW they’re not going to give you permission for.

I turned my garden broom into a deadly Samurai sword by merely replacing the head and handle with blade and hilt. So it’s definitely the sort of risk people should worry about.

EXT. Forest - day

Two airsoft soldiers are standing in a clearing. One soldier is carrying an airsoft assault rifle while the other is carrying an airsoft minigun. The soldier with the minigun is chewing tobacco silently with a grim expression.


Didn’t you get hit by a BB?




Doesn’t it sting?


I ain’t got time to sting.

End scene.


Shouldn’t the soldier with the airsoft minigun be chewing bubblegum, though?

So if I just paint the tip of my Federal 10 guage orange and print Airsoft on the side people will think…:rolleyes: Nobody has a 10 guage anymore, thats gotta be a toy?

No one has a 10 gauge unless they are compensating.

But anyway, I’ve been thinking about getting an airsoft gun. Anyone have opinions on Echo 1 brand guns? They look to be pretty good quality for about half the price.

Or their Granfather gave it to them.