When toys are outlawed, only outlaws will have toys. (ATF steps on own dick)

And kicking ass…but he was all out of bubblegum.

I use a 10g to hunt geese and turkey. I’m also quite confident with the size and function of my daddy parts.

Just sayin’…

I’ve had pretty good luck with Echos, especially if you’re willing to spend $50 or so on having someone competent retune/upgrade the gearbox with a 400-450fps one. I had an Echo-1 AK-74 with an updated gearbox that cost me maybe $175 all told that served me well for a few years.

If you get hit by one of those, does it hurt or leave a welt like a paintball?

At 450 you are probably looking at similar energy levels to a 280-300fps paintball. Paintballs have a lower surface to weight ratio so they will probably retain impact energy at range better and be less prone to wind drift.

You’ll wish you had one, when the Graboids break into your rec room.

OK, that cracked me up.

A thin t-shirt will leave you with a small red welt for a few days if you are hit up close.

What is the intended purpose of airsoft guns? I knew a guy who had one several years ago but the only thing he used it for was pretending it was real and scaring people.

They are for simulated combat, evolved Cowboys and Indians if you will. The realism of the Airsoft guns is intended to appeal to the subset of people that like to engage in simulated combat. It’s essentially the same group of people that like paintball but not the mess of it playing with modernized BB guns.

They are also handy, as noted above, for discouraging strays from trespassing. The only “complaint” I have about my AirSoft Delta Elite is that it shoots high at 20 feet. But if I aim for the dog’s feet, it gets them right in the shoulder.

Never had so much as a welt from one, but typically never got hit from nearer than 40-50 feet. I’m told it’s in general less painful than paintball until you get up to specialist guns–many guys with “sniper” rifles had them tuned up to 500-600 fps, but in that case you could and would get thrown out of most games and/or playing ranges for engaging targets closer than a minimum range of 50 feet or so (for which you carried a 50-100 fps pistol).

All I used mine for was less-messy and more environmentally friendly (biodegradable pellets) paintball-type combat games–it also tended to attract a crowd more interested in military sim style stuff than paintball, which typically meant more team players who knew about team tactics and camouflage and less egotistical dorks who were looking for a kill count.

I have heard of people shooting at varmints or stray dogs/cats with them, but I can’t imagine bothering myself–the typical automatic electric airsoft rifle shoots at a pretty high fire rate (at minimum, 10-15 rounds per second if you hold down the trigger) and it seems like it’d be cruel unless you had a single-shot one.

I’m intrigued. How do you establish kills, though? Is it honor system?

Yes, it’s honor system.

As always, Wikipedia has a detailed description.

Pretty much honor system. One of the places I occasionally play has a group of regulars who even play on a sort of “advanced” honor system where limb hits aren’t “fatal” but impair a player–needless to say, they’re pretty picky about who they play with.

I mean, typically it stings a bit so a lot of guys will let loose an involuntary “ow!”, and you can hear it distinctly hitting fabric/skin as opposed to foliage, at least at closer engagement ranges. Given we’re talking about a maximum engagement range of a few dozen yards max, that’s not so out of the question.

And really, you won’t have anyone to play with pretty quickly if you act like you weren’t hit when it was clear you were.

Man, now I want to play again. My squad pretty much all moved away a few years back.

Also, reading, that wikipedia article Airman linked went into a lot of depth on the hardcore type players, but not so much on the recreational guys. Basically, the kind of games I was typically in had 4-8 men per team, either team deathmatch, team assault, or capture the objective. Typically we’d kit out with 3-4 600-round magazines and .24g 6mm BBs, as we were less interested in “realism” than in a fun experience where you did occasionally have to change mags but not really all the freakin’ time–with our accuracy rates, a 600-round mag would last us about 1-2 fifteen minute skirmishes, so we did it that way to avoid having to haul spare pellets and a funnel for field reloading.

Mostly we played on a 3-acre stretch of wooded ground (with a small pond and logging road for variety) one of the guys owned, but there is also a larger facility available for rental within an easy drive that had a small “urban” environment (corrugated tin shacks) that we also spent a lot of time at.

I typically went in a set of Spetznaz-issue digital camo (pants, jacket, tac vest) and a Afghani-type shemagh, as well as wraparound milspec goggles. My weapons were a Echo-1 AK-74S clone, a gas-blowback airsoft bb pistol (forget the type, I sold it), and two rubber knifes (and yes, I’ve “killed” people with them both ninja style and thrown)

I am interested in actually playing army with (barely) realistic guns. But then I am always reminded that it’s pretty goofy and my teammates are going to be a bunch of teenagers/wannabes, plus the whole overbearing “range managers” or whoever runs the games (it’s always someone who takes this shit way too seriously).

Same thing with paintball; there’s always some asshole who spends a grand on his paintball gun and then cheats because he can’t believe he’s not awesome.

If nothing else, though, It would be cool to have a realistic looking mp5 in the safe next to my real guns.

That’s why I don’t play much–not enough fun people playing these days. Should form a SDMB invitational or something.

I always had my AK and other gear hanging from pegboard hooks all “bad movie conception of how a terrorist arsenal looks” style

I just think it’d be fun to play an FPS outdoors in the fresh air, while getting a little exercise.

Yeah, photorealistic and with minimal lag, at that. But god, the sprint timer is so harsh!