When traveling, never eat what you can get at home...

So, my buddies and I will be in Chicago at the end of April for our annual trip. We have a working theory that when traveling, you should try to avoid eating what you can get at home. Now, this can be specific cuisines or it can be dining in the kind of restaurant you don’t have at home (ie - vegan for those of us who live in the land of Omaha Steaks). We’re all pretty familiar with Chicago and are adventurous. We’d likely not be willing to go out to the burbs, but would have no problem heading out to Logan Square or Wicker Park or wherever. We would not tend to go to anywhere we’d have to be dressed up, but wouldn’t exclude it out of hand.

So, what interesting places could we go? Could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’m already recommending Blackbird because I saw it on “No Reservations” and it looks interesting. I’d be interested in Green Zebra, too.

Lthforum.com will have all the information you need. Look through the “Great Neighborhood Restaurants” section of the website, in particular. Chicago is known for its regional Mexican cuisine, as well as its Thai. And, of course, Polish/Eastern-European cuisine.

Kewl! That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for the tip!