When was the earliest record of a tornado?

Tornados scare me. The thought of large objects being tossed about by an incomprehensibly powerful wind sends shivers down my spine. Before meteorology with Doppler radar was common, I imagine that a tornado seemed like a Divine force coming down upon unsuspecting mortals.

Does an early account of a tornado exist?


Historical Roots of Modern Tornado Forecasts and Warnings

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1972? 1977?

Am I missing something? Did those belt-buckle hat types really live that long?

Those are just part of the article’s odd method of pointing to references.

How about circa 860 BCE? (Albeit it’s Biblical, not strictly historical) Elijah the prophet has just fled from Jezebel, who is determined to have him killed. He’s hiding in a cave, and sees, sequentially, a whirlwind, an earthquake, fire, and a quiet murmuring breeze. (I Kings 19:11ff)

Yes , and the text states , “and Elijah **went up **to heaven in a whirlwind.” (2 King 2:11 ) There is also the **“pillar of cloud” ** the people of Israel witnessed at the Red Sea. It is called a “whirlwind” in Psm. 77

Ancient Comanche legends speak of the time when “our ancestors lost their trailers”.

Not all whirlwinds are tornadoes, though. Most of them are considerably smaller and gentler.

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My question is, what did they compare the sound of a tornado to before there were freight trains?

The howling of the zombies.

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Stampeding camels maybe.

The Middle East encounters Dervishes and Dust Devils frequently, these are names for events caused by local updrafts and not as intense as tornadoes, but can still be very damaging. Biblical accounts may be referring to those. Since cyclones in East Asia may spawn tornadoes the earliest accounts may be recorded from those regions.