When was the last time someone as uncharismatic as Hilary got elected POTUS?

I think it has’t been since Bush 1.

I never thought GWB was charismatic. Not in the least.

LIST OF PRESIDENTS, more or less charismatic than Hillary

Obama > Hillary
George W Bush < Hillary
Bill Clinton > Hillary
George Bush < Hillary
Ronald Reagan > Hillary
Jimmy Carter < Hillary
Gerald Ford < Hillary
Richard Nixon <<< Hillary
Lyndon Johnson > Hillary
John Kennedy > Hillary
Eisenhower > Hillary
Truman > Hillary
Roosevelt > Hillary
Hoover < Hillary
Coolidge < Hillary
Harding < Hillary

Do I need to keep going?

It’s been a mixed bag. Hillary ain’t leading the pack by a long shot, but she’s not at the bottom either. That’s gotta be Nixon, an unholy creature of negative charisma.

Technically, she has not been elected as the President. And as of yet, if she is, it appears more to be a lack of alternatives than due to anything she appears to offer.

I’d say 1968.

Agreed. I can’t vote for any of the Republicans, barring some sort of miracle, and since Hillary is going to be the Democratic nominee, barring some sort of miracle, I guess I gotta vote for Hillary. It’s the difference between eating a kraft single on white bread versus a pile of dogshit on a coil of barbed wire.

Anyway, the answer to the question is 12 years ago, when we elected GWB to the presidency again. Heck I’ll put GWB about even with Hillary since I’m feeling generous, but that still makes 2004 the last time someone as uncharismatic as Hillary got elected POTUS.

You’re looking at that in retrospect, though, based on the outcome of Nixon’s presidency. When he was running for office. he was certainly no JFK, but he was probably average in charisma for presidents of the time. His first election as president was against Hubert Humphrey, who, while likable, was also no movie star, and George Wallace, a highly controversial figure who was disliked most everywhere outside the deep South.

LIST OF PRESIDENTS, more or less charismatic than Hillary
George W Bush < Hillary
Here you are 100% wrong. I think GWB was one of the worst POTUS’s ever but he had quite good light charisma, especially one on one in small crowds. In the right circumstances he could actually be charming. Much better than Hillary.

George Bush < Hillary
Again I would not say “less”. He was a likeable and affable man.

Jimmy Carter < Hillary
Again no. Carter had quite a decent amount of small space charisma.

Gerald Ford < Hillary
I’d put it equal - He was affable, more so than Hillary.

Richard Nixon <<< Hillary
Not really you are letting his end color your view. Nixon was an excellent public speaker and very good one on one with people even if he sweated on TV. Interestingly (IMO) personality wise he is probably the closest to Hillary of all the past POTUS’s.

Here is where I see a disconnect in the discussion.

According to some conservative talking head types (and some poll results I imagine), a good fraction of the people that would actually VOTE for Hillary don’t find her particularly charismatic (or even just plain not likeable in extreme cases one supposes).

Thats a totally different thing than something like the liberals generally hated Bush and thought he was an ass and conservatives generally like him and though him friendly.

When the people that will vote for you don’t particularly LIKE you as a person, you got problems.

Now HOW true the facts are that would support such a statement is another issue.

Personally, the only “in our times” president I MIGHT give a nod to being worse is Nixon, and as someone else pointed out, that might be in hindsight with some bad history confusing the issue.

As much as I despise the GOP candidates I am still struck with wonder that unlikable, charisma deficient, Hillary Clinton; bulldog destroyer of the female accusers of sexually rapacious Bill is now poised to be POTUS. She paid her dues politically but God? Hillary Clinton?

The POTUS is supposed to reflect the best that we are, somehow I just don’t get the feeling this is it. This is ugly, brutal machine politics.

I don’t think Nixon was so uncharismatic. He was charismatic in an evil way – like Dr. Evil.

Now, FORD – there was a guy as dull as dull gets. So – 1974.

Technically, Al Gore was elected President in 2000 (W was merely appointed President). Ol’ Al is famously uncharismatic.

Technically, neither was Ford.

I also disagree with the idea that Bush 43 had less charisma. A big part of his campaign was that he was the guy that you could have a beer with. Obviously, people’s opinions of him changed and it’s difficult to see how he was through the actions he took as president, but he definitely had charisma.

For Bush 41, he was lacking in charisma, but I generally just get the sense that people were more neutral to him, no one loved him, no one hated him. I’ve met very few people excited about Hillary, it seems most supporters are, at best, luke warm, some even actively dislike her, but they prefer her as a candidate because they either lack a better option or see her as the most competent and/or qualified. In that sense, Bush more or less had essentially zero charisma whereas Hillary has almost negative charisma. But I still see Bush 41 as a reasonably comparison precisely because, as bland as he was, no one questioned his competence or qualifications.

Carter was kind of the opposite. People liked the guy, but more in a fatherly/grandfatherly sort of way, not necessarily in a leader sort of way and then he ran into the freight train of charisma that was Reagan.

And like Bush 43, I think Nixon gets looked down on because of how he left office, and while he wasn’t charismatic on a Reagan or Clinton level, he wasn’t as boring. So it really seems to me we’d have to go into pre-modern presidents to find someone as uncharismatic.

And since she’s still a candidate, I think we should include other recent candidates. Al Gore and Bob Dole are both thoroughly uncharismatic. Like her, I don’t think anyone had any legitimate complaints about their qualifications or competence, but both lost to more charismatic candidates. And what about Dukakis? He managed to come off less charismatic than Bush 41. I think Kerry and Romney are low, but still above Hillary.

There seems to be some equating, in a few of these posts, of “likable” and “charismatic.” I don’t see them as the same thing. Donald Trump is charismatic–he has a magnetism, an attention-getting stance that makes you notice him. I do not find him likable at all. Rand Paul seems likable–he appears to me like a guy I’d enjoy going to a ball game with, say, as long as we didn’t talk politics–but I don’t think he has anywhere near that Trump-style magnetism/charisma/light-up-a-room-ness.

I don’t see H. Clinton as especially charismatic, unlike her husband. On the other hand, I’ve never understood the not-likable argument regarding her…I think I’d enjoy spending time with her. I know a lot of people STRONGLY DISAGREE.

On the charismatometer, looking just at the presidents in my adult life, I’d rank HRC as below Obama, and well below both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. I’d rank her as even with or possibly a bit ahead of Carter and GWBush, and quite a bit ahead of Bush the First.

As pointed out above, we have to be careful about this, as more people voted for Gore than for Bush in 2000. Bush may (may) have been more charismatic, but it didn’t give him more votes.

I agree that Michael Dukakis was about the least charismatic candidate it is possible to imagine. I remember saying at the time Dukakis was running that from the GOP perspective, Dukakis was the perfect candidate to run against Bush, because in every way Bush was vulnerable, Dukakis was worse (including being even less charismatic than the sleep-inducing GHWB).

I wish I knew who invented that particular meme. As a Texan, I thought of Bush Jr as a dumbass. And it’s not a good idea to go drinking with a supposedly recovering alcoholic.

His father was inarticulate in a more educated fashion–but did not impress me, either.

Picking a candidate because you want to fuck them–or be fucked by them–seems pretty stupid to me. (And I’m amazed at the new-found feminists who’ve discovered “feminist” reasons to hate Ms Clinton. I don’t love her but she could do a far better job than any of the Republican mediocrities & grotesques.)

Let’s see, going back, less charismatic:

Bush II, Bush I, Reagan (about as charismatic as a talking Ken doll), Ford (not elected), Nixon, LBJ, Ike, Truman, Hoover, Coolidge, Harding, …

Equal: Carter.

The overwhelming majority haven’t been very exciting.

Note that it’s just not the winners. Looking at losers: Well, Carter was cool. But he was also a winner. For the rest … aw forget it. When the best going back a long ways are guys like HHH and Mondale, it’s not a jumpin’ list.

Voters aren’t all that interested in charisma, which is a good thing.

Has anyone ever been elected president with less charisma than his opponent?

Obama, no.
Bush the Stupider, no.
Clinton the Male, no
Bush the Looks Better in Retrospect Due to his Son, no.
Reagan, no
Carter, no.
Nixon 1972, close call
Nixon 1968, no
Johnson, no
Kennedy, no
Ike, no
Truman, close call

Can’t judge earlier than that. Clinton will lose to Trump.

Charismatic candidates are rather uncommon. Usually it’s a battle between two rather boring people.

That being said, has a charismatic candidate ever lost? That would seem to bode well if Rubio were to win the nomination.

William Jennings Bryan.