When (Washgington State) city councilmen attack! What was the deal?

I saw this about five years ago, but I don’t know how old it was. I also believe that the town/city in question was somewhere in Washington state.

There is a video that shows up on these video compilation programs (“World’s Most Shocking Videos,” for example) that shows a disagreement between a town councilman (a man) and the mayor (a woman).

The man is finally dragged from the meeting after being pepper-sprayed.

Is anyone familiar with this? What were the two of them arguing about? I think it had to do with revenue, but I never saw the point of contention–only that the mayor wanted to move on, and the councilman didn’t.

Yeah, i remember seeing that—i think the show was Maximum Exposure—although i don’t remember which town or state it occured in.

Personally, i thought the whole situation was handled extremely poorly by the mayor and by the policeman who responded. There’s no need to go to such lengths just because a town councilman won’t leave his seat.