Any Washington stare residents?

There is a video that shows up on these video compilation programs (“World’s Most Shocking Videos,” for example) that shows a disagreement between a town councilman (a man) and the mayor (a woman).

The man is finally dragged from the meeting after being pepper-sprayed.

Is anyone familiar with this? What were the two of them arguing about? I think it had to do with revenue, but I never saw the point of contention–only that the mayor wanted to move on, and the councilman didn’t.

I once stared at the Washington momument. Does this count?

Yer pal,

Yep - I saw the video and lived in Seattle for a while.

Haven’t a clue what they were arguing about though.

Didn’t the presenter mention after that the chap who was pepper sprayed sued for police brutality or something like that?

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Read before “Submit.”
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Ooops… “Washington State”

Yeah, he got a 65K settlement out of the deal.

Saw the bit on the news, a while back. Forgot what it was all about. As for it being among the “World’s most shocking videos”, I believe it would be a bit of an exaggeration in the present case…

Those Washington stares, on the other hand…: that’s a different matter altogether. Brrr! Chilling!!