When were you last on TV?

When were you last on TV?


When was something of yours on TV?

  1. I was in a gun shop looking at an assault rifle and agreed to be filmed by a local TV reporter for a story he was doing on the then pending assault weapons ban. So he filmed me while I was examining an SKS rifle. For about the next six months I was shown in the file footage whenever that channel had a story about gun legislation. I got recognized all the time as “the guy on TV who was going to buy a gun”.

Two years ago, I plugged one of my books on a NJ talk show. That same year, I was a talking head on a PBS special about film censorship.

Haaaaate seeing myself on TV, I’m all nose and chin!

1995, ESPN Monday Night Hoops.

December 1971 - our high school acappella choir sang a program of Christmas music. Sadly, it predated VCRs. I’d love to see it again.

The last time the Apollo astronauts sent a shot of the earth back from space. I was a tiny indescernable speck in New York. :smiley:

Zev Steinhardt

Unfortunately I have never had the pprivilidge of being on tv. I must be a freak ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Four years ago, a two minute interview, cut down to 10 actual broadcast seconds, on the topic of Jacksonville losing it’s top-10 place on the “Best Cities To Live In” list.

'Round about that time, another ten seconds of me fiddling with my servers by a crew doing a story on Navy Recruiting.

(Don’t remember which was most recent, though)

Back in the late 80’s I worked the phones and boards for the local PBS station’s auction, got a fair of amount of time on TV.

  1. I was interviewed on Rochester (NY) TV about an article I’d written (my first publication!).

The last time I appeared on TV was about five years ago when I was interviewed on the news after I had cast my vote for a school bond election.

There was a time afterwards when, while working at a major office supply store, the news came in to interview my supervisor about the release of Windows 98. I was just walking by in the background, however, so I can’t say that this really counts.


Yes, that counts!

I was an extra in the final episode of “Beauty 7” last year. I was a customer being waited on by Kaori Momoi. Turns out she’s a really nice person.

Before that I was an interviewee on “Karakuri’s Funniest English” where I gave a “man on the street” interview in Japanese about my girlfriend using me as a punching bag for her kickboxing practice. All my friends were so disappointed to hear that all the “spontaneous” interviews were actually pre-written, and we had auditioned for the parts a week earlier.

March, 2002. I was attending the NCAA regionals in Mens Hockey in Worcester, MA. During the Cornell / Quinnippiac game (Which CU crushed QU 6-2), I was shown in my CU jersey applauding and such probably 3-4 times, for maybe a total of 30 seconds. Before that, it was probably in 1994, during the Fiesta Bowl parade, when our HS band marched in it.

In 1996 the Sci-Fi Channel videotaped portions of LACon, the World SF Con, which was later put together into a special on the convention. There was a Babylon 5 presentation with a number of the stars; at one point when the camera panned the audience my wife and I were clearly visible.
Somewhere in my videotape collection I have a copy of the show from when it was aired.

I was on a game show and wound up making a total-ass-fool of myself and quite happy nobody I know ever saw it. (I never told anybody I was on it.)

Around 1999, when my school had a psuedo job interview day. A newscaster from the local news station was there, and I talked to her. I had two lines, was shown drawing a picture, and got my name on a name graphic under my face when I talked.

Circa 1985 I was stopped for a man-on-the-street. They were polling people to see if they understood and had any opinion on Daylight Savings Time. I froze in front of the camera and made a fool of myself on national TV.

Also, around the same time, part of my left leg appeared in a beer commercial. – “Look at that scene in that commercial. It’s ridiculous. Two businessmen striding up the office tower stairs, squash rackets in hand. I’ve spent years in offices and never saw anything like that, except for that time I was watching these guys filming outside our building … Hey! That’s my building! … And I was standing right … Hey! There’s my leg! Hey, Mom, look!”

In 1995 my car got stolen. I called the cops, and they showed up with a TV news team. Seems they happened to be going around with the police that day, doing a story on car theft. So I got to be on the news for about 15 seconds.

I taped it. I watch it occasionally to remind myself how good looking I was back when I wasn’t overweight and had all my hair. :smiley:

Starting in 1998, me and six friends put together a sketch comedy show called “Campus Loop” here at UT. We had five seasons, seasons two through four were actually nationally syndicated to over 100 college campuses across the nation. That was, until the company that sponsored us, College Broadcast, went bankrupt and got bought out by another company, that consequently, went bankrupt. Final episode was May, 2001. Since then, I’ve managed to get on a few things here and there with the station, but that, “Sneek Peek” and “We’re Stuck” are my claims to fame.