When will Avatar unseat Titanic? (No Spoilers)

I think Avatar will unseat Titanic Domestically and Worldwide not this weekend but just after next weekend.

This thread is about ticket sales, please don’t spoil the film.

Just to fill in the details, Avatar has made $1.68 billion worldwide through last weekend, and $509 million in the U.S. Titanic made $1.82 billion and about $601 million. That’s from BoxOfficeMojo.com.

Avatar made $54 million in the U.S. last week, so it might need two more weeks to get to the Titanic record, and $128.5 million everywhere else. So I’m guessing mswas it will get the worldwide record this weeked and it will definitely need another week, maybe two, for the U.S. record. But if you adjust things for inflation it’s probably a long way behind Titanic.

We’re finally seeing the damn thing on Sunday.

Requisite disclaimer: it sucks that box office results get this much attention, etc. etc.

It’s still over $400M behind Titanic when you adjust for inflation. By the time it reaches the big boat’s unadjusted figure, it will be just short of the All-time Top 20, so I think it’s safe to say it’ll nudge through that threshold easily enough, but things take a pretty steep climb after #15 so that’s more of a mystery.

It’s going to get there with no help from China, which has semi-banned Avatar:

The boat sinks.

If we’re talking about gross, and not adjusted for inflation, then I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was this weekend. It’s possible the Golden Globe awards made a few more people decide to see it, or see it again.

Inflation adjusted numbers are a horrible way of looking at it because they were built around films that were released multiple times and often before video came out. So it’s just as unfair to compare things to Gone With The Wind as it is to compare them to Star Wars. If Avatar is re-released several times like Star Wars and Gone With the Wind it would certainly be able to compete. Or if we started to measure DVD and On-Demand rentals then it would be comparable.

I could have sworn that we already had a 400 post thread that pretty much covers this topic.

You may be right about comparing Avatar to Star Wars or Gone with the Wind, mswas, but Titanic only came out in 1997. According to BoxOfficeMojo, the average price of a movie ticket price is up 60 percent since then, and that’s a huge difference.

Wikipedia has estimates for numbers of tickets sold, which is kind of interesting. It has Avatar ranked 34th among North American movies, between Love Story and Spider-Man.

But since this is comparing Avatar with Titanic, your specific concerns don’t apply in this case.

It’s a fine movie, but 83 million tickets sold for Fantasia? That makes my eye’s go :dubious:

But I’d argue their estimate is totally off, since they’re using an average ticket price for Avatar as $7.30–a massive improbability given the premium pricing that is widespread for 3-D and/or IMAX.

Even so, I think it’s worth noting that Avatar has made this tremendous amount of money in only 34 days. This article is about the MLK weekend so the figures are a few days old. Bolding mine.

And similarly, the premium (above-average) ticket price for virtually all shows plays a big part in this achievement.

Doesn’t it say something though that people are willing to pay a premium–often multiple times–to see such a movie?

I was reading an old thread here about Inglourious Basterds (just caught it on DVD) and someone posted that they’d just seen the Avatar trailer before the showing of IB and thought it looked like it would completely bomb. Got a good chuckly out of that.

Of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that its meteoric rise in box office receipts is due to more than just widespread popularity.

Fantasia was re-released over and over and over… seven times in theaters. There was the whole drug-trip bit for the 1969 release, which probably helped.

Well they are pulling the 2D version for which ticket sales are dropping but keeping 3D for which sales are still going strong.

I think number of tickets is a better barometer obviously than profit, given inflation, etc… although the fact that 3D tickets are more expensive than 2D ones might ought to be factored in somehow…

*Ignore this

Well, today it’s only about $7 million behind Titanic in worldwide gross, but still about $48 million behind it in domestic US gross.

So I say it’ll take about another 2 or 3 days to become the biggest grossing flick of all time worldwide, but it may need a month or so to overtake the top spot in the US.