When will California fall off into the sea?

There is a simple answer to this question which does not involve the vagueries of seismic prediction: Not soon enough for some, too soon for others.

“Nudge Nudge :wink: :wink: You know what I mean? You know what I mean?”–Eric Idle

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In my extremely rural hometown in Northern California, the name of the small (15 or so students) high school is Triple Junction High. The Mendocino Triple Junction is a globaly rare intersection of three tectonic plates beneath the sea off the Northern California coast.

The school logo/flower is also Trillium <http://www.goldsword.com/sfarmer/Trillium/>, a unique three-petaled lily that grows only in the shady Redwood forests of the area, but I digress…

If you ask most Californians, there are signifigant “cultural” differences that just happen to coincide with the slice of the San Andreas Fault across the belly of the state. (You have to keep in mind that the equivalent cultural/regional diversity between Georgia and New Jersey is squished into the the phenomenon that is Californication.)

In my hometown, there are tongue in cheek opinions about how fitting it is that while Southern California is slowly ground into sand between the San Andreas and the Pacific, portions of the Northern California Coast were actually lifted up by the grinding of the Gorda plate beneath North America during the last big quakes in the early 90’s.

Maybe it grows there… but not only there. It also grows in much of the mid-eastern Canadian province of Ontario. In fact, the trillium is the emblem used by the province on it’s letterhead, ministerial vehicles, etc.

The 200 Wolf Squadron, a unit of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, uses the trillium as part of it’s squadron crest. The squadron is stationed in Northern Ontario (sorry, I can’t find a link to it). The trillium is used in a similar way by many institutions in Ontario.

And the column being referenced is When will California fall into the sea?

After The Big One™, everything East of the San Andreas Fault will fall into the Atlantic Ocean.