When will Easter next be on March 24?

I found that the next Easter on March 22 (the earliest possible day) will be in 2285.
It will be on March 23 next year and again in 2160.
The last time it was on March 24 was 1940, but I haven’t seen anything saying when the next time that will happen, only a “Yahoo! Answers” that said “it will be after 2199.”

Any takers???

Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Figure it out from there with a chart for the phases of the moon.

It will be in 2285 according to this page:

Easter Dating Method - Calculate the Date of Easter Sunday.

Easter was on my birthday in 1948 the year before I was born and it won’t be again until 2027 which I might make then again in 2032. Looking briefly at the page I gave, it seems like some March dates go for long periods of time with no Easter then can get two just five years apart which is as quick as you can get a date to be on Sunday again.

Slight nitpick: it’s the Paschal Full Moon which is a calculated, rather than observed, date approximating (usually to the very date) the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Since Easter is a Church day, its determination is a Church property. Astronomy takes a back seat to traditions here.

Easter has been on my birthday 3 times since I was born, but I’ll have to hold on until 2062 if I want to see #4. :frowning:

Easter Sunday will next fall on 24 March (according to the Gregorian calendar i.e. for Western, non-Orthodox Christians) in 2391.

As you noted its earliest possible date is 22 March (last in 1818; next in 2285) and its latest possible date is 25 April (last in 1943; next in 2038).

I’ve been planning next year’s Ordo for the parish. The extremely early date for Easter Sunday next year (23 March) has prompted me to do a bit of research. There’s a good site here showing the distribution of Easter dates according to both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

This is true, but note, as **Zeldar ** said, that the reference is to a hypothetical ecclasiastical moon, not the actual physical moon.

You are linking to that page, but I do not think it says what you think it says.

Well actually it said what I thougth it said, but I misready the OP and thought he wanted March 22nd sorry.

March 24 is my birthday.

I was born on Good Friday in 1940; that was the last time Easter was on March 24. As others have said, the next year Easter will be on March 24 is 2391. Here’s a link to a listing of Easter dates-