When will people get off Lance Armstrong's back already?

News broke a few days ago that Armstrong was on the verge of announcing that he’s been lying, that he did take PEDs, did ruin the lives of those who’d accused him of doping, did use his position of cancer-survivor to sanctimoniously claim the high ground in the discussion, etc. and my question is WHEN will people stop blaming him for all the evil in the universe and just drop the subject already, and let the guy go back to living a normal life, which is all he wants at this point? This is yesterday’s news now, finish patting yourself on the back --YES, you were right and Lance was wrong–and move on with your friggin life already, okay? Jeez.

Maybe after he apologizes to all those people he and his team basically slandered.

The normal life of a millionaire that he got from cheating and defrauding people over many years? how about no, when his normal life means him doing a menial job to pay the crushing debt he is under after being sued into oblivion we might consider easing up on him.

Do you have an example of people blaming Lance for “all the evil in the universe”, or even any particular evil that isn’t related to cycling or drug use.

Does he think he’ll find it on the Oprah Show?

As long as Lance keeps his lying, smug, cheating, egotistical, slandering, hate filled, reputation destroying, ugly mug in front of cameras, trying to rehab his reputation built on bullshit, and make money off of his brand, he deserves every single drop, every single iota, every single atom, of hate and distrust sent his way.

If you want us to be quiet about him, tell him to shut the fuck up, go the fuck away, and stop peddling his crap on television, in print , or on Oprah.

Lance knowingly and falsely sued people for libel because they accused him of doping. When he didn’t sue, he purposely tried to destroy their lives.

So, fuck him.


The guy constantly tailgates, he leaves the toilet seat up and he always drinks from the milk container.

You know, I think it’s pretty much human nature to come out swinging when you feel cornered. Doesn’t make it right, but it is understandable. However, that only covers the initial incident of him having been accused. Once you’ve tried to wrongfully deny your involvement of cheating, you don’t then go on to subsequently cheat some more, all the while loudly proclaiming your innocence to the world. He hurt his competitors, the game, his loved one and the charitable foundation he founded. Plus, all that harmful litigation.

Yeah, I agree. Fuck him.

Yeah, I started a thread ages ago sort of defending Lance, but he was an absolute prick to people who knew about the doping. Threats, litigation, and basically making their lives a living hell. Not a nice guy. He beat cancer and gave people a lot of hope - that’s great. But it doesn’t excuse how he treated other people.

I think it’ll be between “about three days after he decides to admit he cheated” and “never.” Somewhere in the middle, I guess.

What part of confessing your sins on Oprah says “I want to live a normal life?” He wants to rehabilitate his reputation, get back into competitive sports, and maybe protect the charity he’s damaged. The bottom line is this: he became extremely wealthy and successful via flagrant cheating, he slandered and intimidated and sued everyone who dared defy him or breathe an unkind word about him, he used a cancer charity as a shield from bad publicity, and he only fessed up after the authorities published ironclad and comprehensive proof that he was a huge cheat - and even then only when there was something in it for him. It does take more than a couple of days for people to get over a guy being an enormous shithead for something like 13 years. If the Armstrong-bashing is bothering you, you could turn off the TV. All things considered, he deserves what he’s getting. These are the consequences of his own cheating and lying and how long it went on. He’s lucky he’ll only be sued and probably can’t be charged with perjury.

Why should I? the man is scum. If you want a normal life, behave like a normal human being.

As Nicole Cooke said yesterday.

"when Lance Armstrong ‘cries’ on Oprah later this week and she passes him the tissue, spare a thought for all those genuine people who walked away with no rewards - just shattered dreams,” she added. “Each one of them is worth a thousand Lances.”

He lied for thirteen years. He can apologize for thirteen years.

Actually make it fifteen. I also want him to apologize for the two years he was having sex with Sheryl Crow and I wasn’t.

I’m not sure we’ve even seen the apex of Lance-hatred yet. He played the country for suckers for more then a decade, and people hate being shown to be suckers. Once there’s actually footage of him admitting to the fact, I think its going to sink in to the national conciousness in a way it hasn’t, and at least for a few months, Lance is going to hit a level of infamy shared with, say, Bernard Madoff.

He hurt a lot of people.

And he used his fame for financial gain, while screwing those that told the truth. He also is talking now so he can get people off his back. Every move he has made has been one to benefit himself, and himself alone. He’s a selfish, lying prick who put himself up on a pedestal for people to worship, all wearing his “LIveStrong!” bracelets and other items while they bowed at his feet. He loved every minute of it.

As he sows, so shall he reap!

So, yeah… Fuck him.

Oh, and while we are at it, fuck Oprah too, the egomaniacal headline chasing whore who will do anything for a buck. Don’t put him on your show where he will garner pity by your viewers. Let him get “lanced” on 60 Minutes, like a big boy.

Yup. Graeme Obree, Christophe Bassons, Nicolas Aubier, Gilles Delion…

At least, thanks to his lengthy, cynical program of illicit doping, he has built up sufficient stamina to cope with all those people on his back.

He wants to “go back to a normal life”?

If he’s owning up to his cheating, then let him slink off defeated, head bowed. Like someone said above, let him get skewered by a prickish interviewer in a news show; let him make his confession at an unmoderated news conference where hostile reporters will be obnoxious to him, members of the public will heckle and kids will ask “say it ain’t so”.

Showing up on Oprah’s show is church-shopping for an easy absolution on the way to a quick rehabilitation and reinstatement.

As it is, stripped of awards or not… who can recite off the top of their head who the heck are now the “official” Tour winners for 99-05? He already has a share of celebrity and fortune to keep.

I can.

1999: Vacated
2000: Vacated
2001: Vacated
2002: Vacated
2003: Vacated
2004: Vacated
2005: Magic Johnson.

OK, OK - 2005 is Vacated too.

I don’t expect that he will admit that part, and I certainly don’t expect that he will make any effort toward amends to these people. Take a look at this column if you have forgotten some of the reprehensible things he did defending his “honor”.