When will people get off Lance Armstrong's back already?

Before this gets too far along (and before I get accused of trolling) my OP is 100% sarcastic. I mean, the Oprah interview hasn’t even been aired yet, for Chrissake, but this is always a prominent theme in repentent wrong-doer stories: ooh, the poor man (woman, vegetable, etc) has suffered much in making his painful confession, how much suffering do you sadistic judgmental observers expect, etc.?

In fact, I’m all for Lance Armstrong (and Pete Rose and others of that ilk) lining up first thing in the morning for a fifteen-minute stone-throwing session every day for the rest of their sad lives. The only thing these assholes are sorry for is that they got caught. Otherwise they’d gleefully be doping, cheating, lying out their asses every day.

Oh Lord does it feel good to make that confession! I thought someone would twig for sure by now.

Well, Pete Rose got a Playboy Playmate and a reality show for his trouble. That should be something for Lance to look forward to.

Sorry, prr, I thought you were serious. I had just finished reading the column I linked to, and wasn’t feeling very charitable toward Armstrong or receptive to humor. Thanks for the clarification.

This was the recurring motif in the Michael Vick fiasco. After prolonged efforts to make himself out as the victim failed, Vick immediately began a two-pronged counteroffensive:

  1. “I’ve changed” – working with the HSUS, for God’s sake. Are we going to let Jerry Sandusky lead a Boy Scout troop when HE gets out of prison?

  2. “It’s all over with” – he did (minimal) time for (a small sunset of) his crimes, now it’s all off the table and can never be brought up again! Stop being judgmental, people who have never done evil!

As far as I’m concerned, people should be all over Lance’s back like a yellow jersey.

The public at large has always enjoyed seeing people fall and this is no exception. While I have never been a cyclist fan or really thought twice about Armstrong, I do find the viciousness he is experiencing disproportionate to the good work he has done in the battle against cancer.

Yes he cheated as did most (all?) of his contemporaries
Yes he lied about it
Yes he not only lied but went on the offensive against the other cheaters
Yes he had a holier than thou arrogance

Guess what? That is 75% of all athletes and he has still done more good than most. He did not kill anyone, he did not commit any violent crimes and he did not harm children.

He cheated (and profited for sure) to pedal a bike faster and longer than anyone else and people are jealous as hell.

He should definitely have to pay back a lot of money
He should definitely be banned from the sport in any capacity

But this public flogging? Mostly jealous people.

And, after other innocents, ruining their lives in the process. That is not like 75% of other athletes, and he deserves much more scorn and suffering. Livestrong doesn’t absolve him of any of that, and I don’t think he’ll recover from this.

Eh? he tried to destroy people, ruin them professionally and financially because they told the truth about him.
That is why he is being castigated. The article linked to by crotalus puts those points across very well.

He comes across as a vindictive bully, bent on revenge.
It would not surprise me at all if he uses the Oprah interview to extract even more retribution even as he himself confesses (whatever that carefully worded and selective confession looks like).

Interesting that Dick Pound raised the possibility of cycling being taken out of the Olympics if Armstrong implicates those close to top of the sport. If he is as vindictive as it seems I would imagine he’ll take the opportunity to smear the sport as much as possible. I mean, what difference does it make to him now? He can give Wiggins a pie in the face by proxy with very little additional risk to himself.

The saddest thing of all is that someone who could have been inspirational is reduced to such a cowardly act as an* Oprah *interview. Surely he can’t lack the self-awareness to see how this is being perceived? Surely this must be a conscious decision with the obvious conclusion that he is about a million miles away from wanting to give a full and frank confession and apology.

He has hard questions to answer, going on Oprah means he is determined to duck them…coward.

I don’t care about Lance Armstrong. He was the best in his sport for years. Given how incredibly dirty that sport was and probably still is, it was a level playing field. But it’s cycling.

I have thought of that, and of baseball in the steroid years. If everyone’s cheating, does it invalidate the wins?

Probably. But it does call the whole sport into question, at least the muscle and endurance aspects of it. (Which is 99% of cycling and maybe 20% of baseball.)

I don’t care about the cycling part.

I DO care about ruining other people’s lives for daring to speak the truth. Substitute “elementary school teacher” for “cyclist” if you want, it makes him no less a reprehensible human being.

The New Yorker has an excellent summary.

What Lance Armstrong Did.

There was lots of doping, but it wasn’t universal. Some teams appear to have been clean, and had they faced Armstrong on a level playing field, its hardly obvious Armstrong would’ve won.

Plus, presumably there were a lot of people that dropped out of the sport because of how dirty it was. Some of these people may have actually been the best in the world on an actual level playing field, but because they weren’t as willing to cheat, LA never had to face them.

LA is certainly the best in the world at some combination of cycling, taking drugs, a willingness to cheat and an ability to not get caught. There isn’t really any reason to think that he’s the best in the world at the actual sport of cycling.

Yeah you still lost me at cycling.

Spoken for truth.

And that word may not mean what I think it means, but jealous of what? He’s celebrity? Money? Sports prowess? What? There’s a gazillion folks out there that have these same things but aren’t unscrupulous, lying douchebags that I’m in awe of and definitely don’t feel any jealousy towards, so why would I make an exception for dickhead Lance?

On the other hand, Sheryl Crow is awesome.

I just realized the irony – it was reported/alleged that he broke up with Sheryl Crow because she wouldn’t stop using drugs. Heh.

Maybe not.

Let’s see, Lance bathed in the the glory, riches and stardom from a decade long consipracy of lies, cheating, bullying, fraud, and hubris. He cheated, he lied about it, he ruined people’s lives and livelihoods, and now after 6 months of getting his titles taken away and a public admission that comes after the fact, he is supposed to get a pass.

Ummm, I think not.

My second grade daughter is reading a Lance Armstrong is a hero type book. Cancer survivor, 6 time tour de france winner, etc. kinda hard to pp her 8 year old bubble. guy was a fraud pure and simple. He’s not a role model for *my *kids.

I can accept the fact that he took drugs, cheated at sports, and lied about it - obviously not good characteristics but I could accept those as personal failings.

But what makes Armstrong a scumbag is the way he treated other people over his drug use. Armstrong has harassed and threatened and sued people who talked about his drug use - even though what they were saying was true and it was Armstrong that was lying. Attacking other people because they question your lies is the act of a real asshole.

Speaking of Livestrong, he started that stupid rubber bracelet fad that refuses to die. Now every single cause has a rubber bracelet. For that alone he should be punished.

BTW, didn’t he actually leave his wife for Crow?