When will the Pope canonize Dale Earnhart ? (lame, but then you expect that of me)

I don’t know if it is the demographic I live in or maybe I’m missing out on the entire “thing”. But, between the “Dale Earnheart Number 3”- window decals on loads of cars and all the memorabilible, I’m wondering when this guy will be canonized as the Patron Saint of NASCAR.
Since the Pope is speeding things along in the beatification process lately, maybe we could get this man in the Catholic Books ( even if he wasn’t catholic, he can’t help it if his family missed out on Papist Fun™!)

Have you or anyone you know of been miraculously cured whilst in the presence of Dale Earnheart or his Official Souveniers?

Do you feel that you have a close personal relationship with Dale Earnheart?

Has any of your Dale Earnheart statues started bleeding out the ears with no scientific explanation?

Do you have visions?


One tahm ah spilt ma beer and ah swar the puddle looked jist lahk Dale’s face.


I’m still waiting for Elvis to be canonized… It’s been decades!

Revtim, only people who have died can be canonized.

I always figured the Elvis/Dale/Richard/Cale worship was because Baptists don’t have saints of their own.

Making them Catholics might ruin the fun.

Ah, so that “3” has something to do with the Trinity, then?

Oye! What fun it is!

Dale might have been eligible… if he hadn’t attacked St. Christopher once he got to heaven.

I wonder if his car was a Chrysler.