When will these 3 days of SCOTUS arguments be online for streaming?

Regarding the health care bill? I believe that SCOTUS still does not stream live debate. Does anyone know when the oral arguments will be available? Thanks.

Oyez has many SCOTUS arguements online. These are put up a few days after.

You might want to watch the SCOTUSblog. A post on their front page now says

why is it just audio? why not video? The Supreme Court of Canada has had video recording of its hearings for at least 15 years; you can now get real-time on-line streaming via the SCC website.

We had to beg, plead, and fellate just for delayed audio. No way will our Supreme Court let cameras in for the next thousand years.

Doesn’t look like too much in the way of tits, ass, and explosions today. Just procedural arguments on jurisdiction about whether this is a tax. From the updates, it seems like all of the Justices agree that this is not a tax.

Wouldn’t it be better for the government to argue that it IS a tax?

You mean after it swore up and down it wasn’t a tax during passage of the law?

There’s a difference between political rhetoric and legal definitions. It would seem like a slam dunk if the government would just call it, for legal purposes, a tax.

BTW…I don’t know where this thread belongs. I would be nice if we could have a commentary and predictions about how this will turn out without debating the issue because that’s been done to death.

They were posted at 1:30, audio files and official transcripts.

Awesome. I love the government’s argument. It is not a tax, however it has the indicia of a tax, is collected like a tax, is included on an individual’s tax form, and is collected by the IRS, and is close enough to be under the vague term “tax” in the anti-injunction act…

but it is NOT a tax. :slight_smile:

Now, today we will get to the heart of the meat of the potato of the case. :wink: