When you answer the phone, you don't say "Hello" -- what?

My dad and his mother never said “hello” that I can remember. It was always “awright” (or thereabouts).

At work I would always answer with my full name.

Here at home it’s always “hello” and usually with a cheerful tone.

How about you?

Blame phone rudeness on the telemarketers. They bothered people so long that almost everybody stopped being socially pleasant to callers until they know you’re a friend.

I have caller ID. if I don’t recognize the number it goes to voicemail. If I do recognize it, I answer with something incredibly witty that is tailored to the specific caller. Because I can, and I care. Just one of the perks of being On My Good Side.

Before caller ID was even a pleasant thought with Ma Bell and her offspring, and to indicate further how old this is, a buddy of mine always answered with, “It’s your dime. Shoot!”

I say “hello?”

If the other person says “hello?” in return, I tell them to never call me again. Only telemarketers do this. I have to say “who is this?” before they give their spiel. Instead of saying “who is this?” any more, I just tell them to fuck off.

If you are a telemarketer and someone answers the phone, introduce yourself and state your business. Hell, if you’re ANYONE making a phone call, introduce yourself to the person who answers the phone.

Awww, I wanted to come in with "It’s your nickel."

Seriously, if it’s someone that caller ID says I know, I simply greet them by name. Otherwise, I’m like Jason Mraz (one of his songs has a line: I do not answer the call if/I do not know who is callin’).

In a Russian accent “Lubyanka, da ?”

At work, it’s “Alan speaking.” At other jobs I’ve had we had to rattle off a spiel something like “company name, my name, how may I help you?”

At home, though I do have caller ID, I’ll answer “Hello?” even if it’s someone I know. Reason being, a friend likes to call and open with a well thought-out line. So I don’t want to rob her of the moment.

If I recognize the number I’ll say Hello or something. If I don’t recognize it I don’t say anything (at all) and just wait a couple seconds for the caller to say something. If they don’t (or it’s a machine) I hang up. If the number’s blocked, I don’t answer.

You’ll pick it up but not say anything?

Is it a figment of my imagination or does somebody on some show or in some movie answer the phone by saying, “Start the conversation.”?

I say, “Hello,”

At the places I work I answer the phone however they ask me to, which is usually something “Good morning, accounting, Mark speaking.”

Me too! Of course my witty remark is usually something like, “Hi Mom! I was just getting ready to call you…” or if it is the ex-husband I answer with, “What?”. Otherwise I simply say hello, which is really more like, “Hello?”.

I always say “hello”- always have, probably always will, at least until they make phones obsolete with electronic mind reading. Ok, sometimes I say “bueno” (what Mexicans say when they answer the phone) just to mess with people.

Seriously, that’s weird as hell. How do I know you picked up and the line isn’t just dead if you don’t say anything?

And the idea that if someone says hello back, they’re a telemarketer. . . uh, maybe I need to reassess how I call our clients. It usually goes like this:

Ring Ring
Client: Hello.
Me: Hello. This is Diosabellissima from XYZ corp.

I’ve yet to get hung up on, but maybe I should be on the look out.

Anyway, for my personal lines, I always answer with either “hello” or “A hoy hoy” ala Mr. Burns. At work, it’s the name of the business.

Depends on what the caller ID is showing.

If it’s someone I know and I’m in a good mood, I’ll answer with something like “Doc’s Poolhall, 8 Ball speaking,” or with “Bob’s Taxidermy, you snuff 'em we stuff em.” If I’m not in a joking mood, or if it isn’t someone I know, I’ll answer with a howdy.

I used to answer with hello, but my accent made it sound more like yellow, so I switched to howdy.

Caller id on the cell phone, so I know who’s calling. I open and close with “Peace”.

At work, it’s, “Hi, thank you for calling technical sales, how may I help you?”, per the script.

Alphaboi, I am amazed at the resolve it takes to just pick up a phone and say nothing until the other person speaks. I am way too impatient for that.

I intentionally answer with “yellow” most of the time. No one ever notices.

When I’m at my parents’ place it’s ‘Tyger Residence’ (except, y’know, the actual last name), if it’s my cell phone it’s ‘hello?’ / ‘yello’ / ‘moshi moshi’ / ‘yo’ depending on how I’m feeling that day.

One thing I can’t stand is listening to my dad or sister say ‘hello’ four or five times before they realize there’s no one there (or a very slow recording). I say it twice and then I hang up.

I do not have caller ID.
Actually, I have a rotary phone. It came with the house and I just haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it.
Anyway, I never know who is calling and since it’s a relatively new number, it’s generally a telemarketer, the hospital trying to get me to pay a bill I’m not supposed to pay, my boyfriend’s parents, or a wrong number.

So, I just answer with hello? If no response comes within a few seconds, I say hello 1 more time (my boyfriend’s dad is quite hard of hearing and I don’t want to hang up on him), then I hang up. We keep getting calls for someone who needs to test their Life Alert but it’s always automated and there’s no way to let them know they have the wrong number.