When You Curse People Are You Serious

Pointing to the BBQ Pit as evidence: when you call people obscene names, do you truly mean it?

You mean if I call someone an arsehole on the internet, do I genuinely imagine there’s a typing rectum at the other end? No.

Did you mean something else by your question? I can’t think of any way the answer could be yes.

I meant if for instance “asshole”, do you fully mean that insult?

It really depends on the circumstances. If I were to insult someone on here, I’d almost certainly mean it, simply because I realise that in purely textual conversation with people I don’t really know it’s best to say what you mean, and mean what you say.

With people I know it’s a very different story - in real life I could call a friend a fucking cunt and mean it affectionately, in the right circumstances.

Those aren’t examples of “cursing.” They’re vulgarity; specifically obscenity or scatology. Real cursing breaks the 1st Commandment.

I’m not above using any of these figures of speech but do prefer more imaginative language if I’m expressing myself in writing. And I generally use rude words against inanimate objects–like recalcitrant printers or slow networks–not people.

Yes. If I call someone a name, I mean it. I don’t swear at people lightly.

The thread title specifies cursing, but the OP mentions obscenity. Breaking the first commandment would presumably be profanity, although I’m not sure how one uses that as an insult without some obscenity, overt or implied.

Real cursing would be wishing a plague of moths upon your enemies formalwear on the eve of their daughters wedding, for example.

Pretty much, yeah. Unless I’m just joking around with friends.
As for cursing someone, literally, only when I’m watching sports. :wink:

Considering that I’m not paid by the word, on this board or IRL, I wouldn’t expend the effort to call someone, say, an “asshole” if I didn’t really mean it.

Wait, isn’t cursing the 2nd or 3rd commandment (depending on your religious background–they’re not all enumerated the same way.) We’re talking taking the Lord’s name in vain, right?

If I said “goddammit”, I’m not asking god to damn anything/anyone. It’s a figure of speech, not a literal statement.

I am serious, but not literal. I don’t want someone to get fucked, which IRL is a rather pleasant experience. Nor do I think they actually fuck their mother.

Not really. I specifically use it on here because it seems my tone gets drowned out otherwise. Unfortunately, it has leaked into my other conversations, when, before, I never event thought those words. And only recently have I started censoring my thoughts again before posting them.

Anyways, that gives me an idea for a decent tag-on question: Do you cuss as much in real life as on this board?

Hell, yes.

More, probably. :smiley:

Have no other gods before me?

I curse a fuckload more in real life.

Sorry. I was never very good at numbers.

Oh, god, not MATH! :eek:

Honestly? I probably swear even more. I really need to start watching my mouth. (Swear jar, perhaps?)