When your birthday becomes a national holiday, what will people do?

To me, the American dream, is not home ownership, or that your kids will do better than you did, or that you will become rich. Rather, it is that one day, your birthday will be a national holiday, just because you are recognized as being freaking awesome. (and maybe be put on a stamp)

Now with Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthday, people often if they would have wanted people to celebrate their day by buying new towels. So to avoid that fate for me, and for you, please state how your birthday will be celebrated by generations to come. (if you are not a US citizen, you can still play)
Now my birthday is October 19th. A nice fall day but usually not too cold. People will partake in the following ‘celebrations’. The sci-fi channel will run a Start Trek (tos) marathon. People will cook outdoors but not hamburgers or hot dogs. I’m thinking steaks. (swordfish fillets if you’re on a diet) This is done with your friends, not really a family gathering but a friends gathering. And everybody should shoot off a gross of pop-bottle rockets. Even if they are illegal in your city or state, they will be legal on Zebra Day.

So, what will they do on your day?

Instead of my own national holiday, I’d like to have my smirking mug featured on U.S. currency of some kind. Perhaps if they bring back the 1/2-cent piece.

No substitutions.

In fact, that would be mine - nobody can make any substitutions or special requests of any kind in a restaurant for the whole day. (I work in a restaurant)

Get high and eat cheese.

I would want a holiday that’s got all the fun stuff like Easter or Halloween.

For instance, Pirates versus Ninjas Day where everyone has to choose a side and battle it out with fake swords and throwing daggers. A treasure of goldfoil covered chocolate would be found burried somewhere in the yard, and dinner would be sukiyaki.

And for couples without kids, there’s some fine serving wench outfits in the world. :wink:

Everybody would walk to the neighborhood convenience store wearing a Cthulhu helmet.

That’s what I do to commemorate my birth.

Like a cross between Halloween, Valentine’s, and St. Patrick’s Day.

Boston Creme Doughnuts will be the only available food.

Get drunk then buy flowers and chocolate while dressed as a vampire? Sounds fun.

Turn invisible for 5 or so years.

My Birthday is already a federal holiday. The only real celebrations is that banks and schools are closed, and there is normally a parade… And of course the sales at the stores.

Hey! I was born on a Friday. Automatic three day weekend. I’m a shoe-in.

If fact I was born on Friday the 13 so my day would involve everyone going down to the ASPCA and adopting a black cat.

Then having a lot of sex. No reason, just think it would be a good idea.

If they followed my example, they wouldn’t celebrate my birthday. I forget it or ignore it.

Drink. Eat. Drink some more.

In that case, I guess it would be like the Fourth of July: There would be beer, and probably a baseball game, and fireworks.

Since my birthday is in the winter, I won’t ask for baseball games or anything …

[li]all Italian restaurants will have creme brulee on the menu, which they should anyway[/li][li]anyone who chooses to will have the day off to spend in a hot bath with a good book[/li][li]libraries will offer amnesty on fines[/li][li]bookstores will have deep, deep discounts on everything in the store; cookbooks will be free to anyone who can demonstrate working knowledge of a kitchen[/li][/ul]

It’s good I’ll never be famous. I’d bore everyone to tears. But it sounds delightful to me, anyway. :slight_smile:

Dress up, get drunk, dance a lot (poorly), and get married.

At least, that’s what many people are planning to do on my birthday this year, because they like all the sevens.

If my birthday is ever a national holiday, I believe that people will celebrate it by burning my effigy in the streets. :smiley:

On my holiday, people will celebrate by getting wired to the gills on caffeine, dressing in weird costumes, and mocking authority figures. Booze and sex, while not mandatory, are strongly encouraged (like anyone needs encouragement ;)).

Also, fireworks are always appropriate.

Seven’s National Day of Slack