Worship me!

For my birthday is a national holiday! What do I get for such greatness?

I get to work and make twice as much money! Now, kiss my ring.
Actually when I came home from work, my husband had a card stuck in the door which had instructions telling me to go to the bathroom for my first gift. Inside was a hot bubblebath complete with candles :smiley: .

As for the second part… :o

Just kidding. The second part was actually Sims 2 for Playstaion 2 since my computer runs really really slow.
Now continue with the worship.

Oh, exalted WomanofScorn, for thy birthday you get…

…to share it with me. :smiley: Harry Birthday to both of us. I didn’t get bubble bath, just a lot of beer.

Great! I always like to see how many people share this day. I know JFK was born on this day but that’s about it.

Bob Hope was the other biggie. I don’t remember many others.

I don’t h\get the day off, but every few years my birthday is Election Day in the US.