When your cat is sneezing funny, and his nose is kind of runny, you may think it's funny...

…but it’s a tumor.

One of my cats has been sneezing, snotting, and wheezing for a while now. It’s unilateral, so they thought it might be an obstruction or growth, but they did a lavage and and x-ray and didn’t find anything. They put him on antibiotics prior to those procedures, which helped a bit, but the mucuous returned. With blood. Then the other night, he was whistling and burbling with every breath. Took him to the E-vet, who said he was getting enough air, but there was most likely an obstruction, and given the presentation and his age - he’s 16 - it was probably a tumor, and if so, most likely malignant.

He had a rhinoscopy today, where they would also remove whatever growths they could find. I just got the call that he’s out of surgery and doing fine, but it was indeed a tumor. They still have to test it to find out what kind it is, but everyone seems pretty sure of what the outcome will be.

Which sucks.

On the positive side, if it is what they think it is, it’s apparently not terribly likely to spread to his brain, eyes, etc. (although they said regrowth is pretty common). I don’t really know much more than that right now, but unfortunately, I’m going to find out.

The poor little guy. He’s already been through a couple of crises: years ago, he had crystals in his urine which blocked his urethra, and more recently, he developed hyperthyroidism. We put him on medication for it, which caused his white blood cells to attack his red blood cells, which almost killed him. He required several transfusions, and after he was back on his feet, a subsequent treatment with radioactive iodine to cure the hyperthyroidism.

Despite all this, he’s been doing really well otherwise. He’s fitand handsome, and the vets always express surprise when I tell them his age. The doctor who did his surgery today said he was “really spunky”. He’s become a bit of a crabby old man, but is still very playful and affectionate. I’ve had him all his life. He’s been a great buddy, and I just want to keep him feeling as good as he can for as long as he can.

Even though he does poop in the living room.

I hope he gets better. He is very handsome.

I’m sorry, I hope kitty feels better soon and the cancer stays away.

I’ve got an otherwise-young-seeming 7.5 year old ferret (the oldest I’ve ever had) who is dealing with a couple of health issues, including progressing adrenal disease. The vet mentioned the possibility of surgery at the last visit, and I said I didn’t think that it would be fair to put her through such invasive surgery. I’m glad your kitty seems tough! :smiley:

Thanks, Hanna.

And Ferret Herder, I hope the best for your little guy, too. I feel the same way: this was a fairly non-invasive procedure, but at this point, I’m not going to subject him to any major drama just to prolong his life. I’ve already thought I would lose him twice, so we’re well into the gravy years now. He sure is a tough old coot.

Heart of Dorkness and Ferret Herder, here’s some warm wishes for you and your pets. If it helps, a lot of us have been where you are now.