When Your Child Surpasses You in Physical Endeavors

So the little one has had roller blades for some time now.

I got mine out that I hadn’t used in months and we went to the local park that has a smooth track that runs the perimeter.

I suggest we race.

The first race and young one takes off so fast before I get any momentum and wins that one hands down.

Rematch and now that I know I need to start fast…ends the same way.

Race number three and I pick out the start and finish line. This one begins on an incline and extends the furthest in length. I figure once I get up a head of speed this should be no problem.

Not only does this NOT make a difference it was the least competitive yet.

I decide to quit while I’m behind.

Aftermath: While I appreciate that my child is excelling in matters physical, there’s nothing to counter the sting of a grown man getting beat by an 8-year-old girl.

Any others out there who can share when you got physically overtook by your progeny?

Awww. Happy Father’s Day.

I tried to beat my dad at golf for several years-we had a stirring round at Pinehurst once, where he bested me 87-91. As I eventually got my handicap down to 13 (he had been 17-18 or so for a number of years), I finally beat him one day-and never lost again. That Pinehurst round was the last time he broke 90 IIRC.

All my children can run faster than me these days - over short distances anyway. Still catch 'em on the marathon. The youngest is seven. They can also do cartwheels, handstands, and flips on the trampoline, none of which I was ever able to do as a child.

Of course, I did actually WANT that outcome. Being the klutzy kid who can’t do neat tricks is a little sucky.

Not quite on-topic, but … I still remember when my little brother first became able to beat me at arm-wrestling. I was twenty-three. He was twelve.:eek:

My 17 year old might be able to beat me in a sprint. The younger one could field a baseball better than me when he was pretty young. Anything else, their 50 year old Dad can still take them.

I can remember when it happened with my son. He was probably around 17, which would’ve made me around 46. Through age 41 or so, I was in pretty good shape - martial arts, marathon… Then in a couple of years I had surgery on one foot and the other knee, and stopped the hardcore exercise. Meanwhile, my kid was just growing into his body, cranking out push-ups, etc.

One Sunday. I had been doing a bunch of chores, after which I asked him if he wanted to go for a bike ride. He took off like a bat out of hell, and from moment 1, there was NO QUESTION of my being able to keep up. Periodically he would stop, wait for me to catch up, and kiddingly say something along the lines of “What’s keeping you, old man?” :smiley: After the 2d or 3d time I said, “I readily acknowledge that you are in better shape than I, and I pass the torch.”

We had never been in any Great Santini-like generational contests, and I had no intention of starting what was an inevitably losing battle. Since then, we’ve been free to focus on what we can enjoy doing together. While we’ll occasionally push each other, it is in the spirit of cooperation. I readily acknowledge that his 20-some body is vastly superior to my creaky old, surgically repaied 50+ carcass.

I’m nearly 50 and my son has never bettered me in anything but baseball. Which I was indifferent to as a child and he started in Little League. The day he beats me is the day I go Tonya Harding.

He’s already younger, stronger, probably smarter. Leave the old man something.
Totally kidding, I’d never hire someone to harm my son.

My son is tall and thin, I am short and stocky. He has the brains I have the brawn. I am 67 now so I assume he would probably beat me at most physical things but when I was younger I often felt bad because he couldn’t keep up and he felt embarrassed. He was proud that his dad was athletic and strong but at the same time I think he felt a little insecure about his physical abilities. He was a great athlete in most sports just not real fast or strong. I used to compliment him on his coordination and reflexes which were proably better than mine.

At least you’ll always be older

The only person in my family who has not surpassed me in physical endeavors is my 9-month-old grandson. That is going to end soon, since he really, really wants to walk.

I can out shoot my son which really chaps his hide.

I’m 71 so plain physical effort is his hands down now.

We have never competed in sports or abilities as we have always had different goals and desires.

So I am a better
motorcycle rider
rodeo rider type things
and on and on

He is a better soldier
Knows more about a lot of things that I never was interested in or good at just like my list above but from his point of view.

He is more forgiving
more steadfast
less mean out of the box
values human life more than I do

So IMO, he is the better human.
A better father.

Thinking about it, we have never competed in anything other than shooting.

We are two totally different people.

I look forward to the day when either my daughter or son can kick my ass:

  • In any running race 5K or better,
  • Cycling endurance over 20 miles,
  • Snowboarding - getting down the hill faster than me,
  • Hiking a steep trail up to a mountain top.

They are both in their teens now, and in good shape, but I can still mop the floor with them on those activities. I am sure my daughter can swim further than me no problem, and I know my son could run a mile at least as good as me or better on a hot day, as things stand today.

As Aspidistra states, this is something you want to occur.

I’ve been a skier all my life and like nothing better than getting on an uncrowded giant slalom-like run and opening it up. I think she was about 13 when suddenly I started seeing her zip by me, that in a hell of a lot better looking outfit.

I was always one of the very fastest in track and football but I never placed in the dash or hurdles in Regionals. She’s doing that too. Kid’s an athlete.

My son is eleven months old. He can definitely both outburp and outfart me. It’s quite impressive. We’re hoping he makes the national team.

Oh, my 11 year old son has been able to run faster and throw balls farther than I do for years!