When your good news goes bad

Yesterday, I got a great voicemail offering me an interview for a job I really want. The interviews are hard to get, so I was delighted.

Today, I learn that the interview is at a time and place I cannot be. I can schedule a videoconference interview instead, but they essentially told me that I would be at an “extreme disadvantage.”

So, things went from “La la, life is normal” to “WOOOO! I’M SO LUCKY! WOOOO!” to “fuck my life” in the space of a few hours.

I’m sure lots of dopers have had even more extreme swings. What one bit of news or one event has given you emotional whiplash?

Rain on my wedding day.
Good advice that I just can’t take.
Free ride when I’ve already paid.

“I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you’ve got a million dollars coming your way. The bad news is that your mother died.”

I gotta say, this doesn’t make much sense to me, unless they expect you to fly 1,000 miles at your own expense or something. And if that’s the case, perhaps it’s not the job you really want after all. Please elaborate.

Get it all the time with failed relationships :-/

Seconded. Why can’t you get there?